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debut lyrics released!

On January 1st, 2018, little known company, Dal Media, announced their plans to debut their first group within the first half of the year. Due to the company being relatively unknown and Dal Media not giving any more information about the planned group, this news didn’t really garner much attention. Nevertheless, Dal Media forged ahead with the debut, gradually releasing more information about the group. The group was to be called Rose and would consist of two units with different concepts to appeal to a wider audience. Petal, the first of the two units would focus on a more sweet and cuter image while Thorn, the second unit, would focus on a more mature image. When the two units would come together and promote as Rose, it was said that their concept would meet somewhere in the middle to appeal to even more people.

In late January Dal Media finally started to reveal members of their new group Rose and announced that the group was set to make their debut on February 20th with three title tracks and music videos. One from Petal, one from Thorn and one from the group as a whole as Rose. By this point, Rose was finally able to pick up some attention, but wether the interest in the group would continue wasn’t known to the members nor the company.

> Information

Group Rose (Petal & Thorn)
Members Thhirteen
Label Dal Media
Fanclub TBA
Colour Dusty Rose

D. Date May 10th, 2018
D. Song TBA
D. Album TBA

> author's note

Hey there everyone! Here is a story I originally posted back in 2017. I really loved the idea back then and I still do now. I hope you guys will like it and support it as I have been sitting on this revamp for a while. This story is connected to my other story, Twilight.

Sorry for the delay in the first chapter! I am waiting for the apply for twilight to close as some of the members will feature in the chapter, I just need to know who will be in it first.
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