Welcome to *reads hands* the Cookie Club?


The beauty of being a college student is getting to reinvent yourself. And no, that does not mean getting to scarf a bag of pizza rolls (looking at you, Yuto).

For these college students, on their rare to discovering the cliche of finding out who you are, you get everything from finding your true study of passion, your uality, and what family means to you all the way to discovering how many shirts of Hanbin can you steal before he practically pays Yoongi to whoop your .

In other words, twelve students from different backgrounds and clubs join the Cookie Club, a typo only San could have ever done. From pirate reenactment scenes to “field trips” to the coffee shop that Wooyoung works at, as long as you have a cookie, everything will turn out okay.


The main ships in the story are as followed:

Ateez: San x Wooyoung, Hongjoong x Seonghwa

Nct: Yuta x Winwin

Bts: Suga x Hoseok

Pentagon: Yuto x Kino

Ikon: Hanbin x Bobby, Junhoe x Jinhwan

Cameos from other ships and groups will appear


This is a work of fiction.



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