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Since Dal Medias creation in 2013, CEO Moon had been working towards one idea that intrigued her for years and that was the idea of a multifaceted co-ed group. She felt that this idea of hers had not been done to its fullest. She had seen many co-ed groups come and go but not many seemed to really stay together. With this idea in mind, CEO Moon created Dal Entertainment.

In 2015, after many changes to the line-up, Dal Entertainment had finally felt that they found the right balance between the members for their first ever group, seven boys and girls. Somehow, since 2014, the members of the group did not change at all. Dal Media worked with the members and gave them time to build their bond and chemistry as not only a group, but as something that really began to feel like family to the members of the group.

The group ended up spending four hard long years together, training and perfecting their skills. They had started to fear for the worse as they entered their fifth year. The members had started to give up hope. They had become a family at this point and the though of moving on and possibly debuting without one another in other groups was scary and something they rather not think about, so no one could really blame them when they started preparing for the worse as a meeting between the CEO, staff and group had been called. But instead of their dreams being crushed, the CEO was quick to inform them that they had been working towards the groups debut. They were to be called Twilight and would be making their debut within the first half of 2020. This meeting was enough to erase all of their worries and fears and made the group excited as they finally had something solid to work towards once again.

> Information

Group Twilight
Members Seven
Label Dal Media
Fanclub TBA
Colour TBA

D. Date 2020
D. Song TBA
D. Album TBA

> author's note

So here is an idea I actually published a while ago on another account of mine but always found myself coming back to! I recently had a burst of motivation for this story and have been working on it between work and my other obligations. I hope you guys will like it and support it if you can!

Trying to decide if twilight should release some pre-debut covers hmmm....
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