The Way I Loved You


Dejun's perfect, so why does Kun keep thinking of Ten?


notes copied from ao3


taylor swift - the way i loved you

- technically a kunten fic
- past kunten, present xiaokun
- no beta we die like men (i'm serious i didn't even look it over for typos or anything)


this was quite possibly the worst thing i've written for a very long time (though to be fair it is the ONLY thing i've written for a very long time (that was not previously started)). i'm in obsessed with xiaokun but kunten is my otp and this was... really the best thing i could think of, wasn't it?

junnie is very much ooc but yall probably realized. i did not expand on ten's personality, nor very on his and kun's relationship, but yall also probably realized. kun is also.... sort of an lol, but again, yall probably realized.

in short, this was a mess and i'm sorry. i may rewrite it at some point.


entered in DGNA_Forever's heroes and villain writing contest


entered in stepping into another world contest with quote prompts 29, 40

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