~Bonus final chapter~

You need to wake up because I can't do this without you

Baekhyun stepped back into the bedroom and reached to turn the light on. He glanced across the room at an unconscious Chanyeol before he walked back over and knelt beside the bed.

"Hey, you need to wake up, because I can't do this without you", he said as he ran his fingers through Chanyeol's hair and down to the curve of his shoulder. He watched as Chanyeol's forehead furrowed slightly.

"Mmmm", Chanyeol murmured sleepily and nuzzled his cheek into the pillow.

"I said", Baekhyun said a little louder, his mouth right beside the man's larger than average ear, "you need to wake up, because I can't do this without you. My water broke, Yeol."

As if struck by lightning, Chanyeol sat straight up in bed, his eyes wide and startled. "Y-your water broke? Like right now?" He glanced at Baekhyun and noticed that his husband had on different clothes than he had when they went to be just a few hours ago.

"Well yeah. We knew it was going to happen soon and that bubble bath probably helped speed the process along. It broke probably 30 minutes ago and I went to change and make sure the bag was ready to go", Baekhyun paused for a second and slid his left hand over his belly and winced a little. "But now we need to go. The contractions are getting closer."

Chanyeol looked at his pregnant husband before scrambling out of bed and running to his dresser to grab clean clothes. He pulled out a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and changed in a hurry.

"Let's go. You said the bag is ready right?", Chanyeol leaned over to pull some socks on before he grabbed Baekhyun's hand and led him out of the room carefully. 

"How far apart are the contractions?", Chanyeol asked as he knelt to help his husband put on his shoes.

"About 5minutes. So we have just barely enough time to get to the hospital….. without a speeding ticket", Baekhyun said with a soft laugh. 

"You're never going to let me live that down will you?", Chanyeol said with a pout as he stood to slip his own feet into his shoes. He picked up the duffle bag that sat by the door, packed and ready for a few weeks now.

"You just got lucky they didn't give you a ticket because you were in full panic mode because you thought I was in labor. Even though I told you it was just Braxton Hicks", Baekhyun slipped an oversized hoodie on as he grabbed the door knob and pulled the door open, stepping out and waiting for Chanyeol to follow him.

Once outside, the couple headed for their car and Chanyeol helped Baekhyun get buckled into the passenger seat before jogging around to his own side and getting in. He started the car and backed out slowly and eased into the road.

The streets were empty and quiet, it was 4am after all. Baekhyun felt another contraction and reached over to place his hand on Chanyeol's thigh, gripping tightly as he breathed through it. Chanyeol kept his eyes focused on the road and murmured encouragement as he drove. 

The hospital wasn't far from their apartment and they arrived shortly. 

They pulled into the drive and Chanyeol hurried out to grab a wheelchair for Baekhyun and pushed him inside, to the front desk to get checked in while he went back out to park the car. When he returned, Baekhyun had just finished checking in and was still where he'd left him.

"I'm all checked in. They are taking me straight up to OR so they can start the c-section", Baek said when Chanyeol reached him, slightly out of breath. "I called our parents and let them know we're here. You have to check for them, they can't be in the OR but it's cool if they wait for us in the recovery room." He waited for Chanyeol to catch his breath, a brilliant smile on his face.

"And the doctor said I can be with you,right?" Chanyeol knelt beside the wheelchair and placed one hand carefully on Baekhyun's belly. He felt it tighten and watched Baek's expression tighten as well.

"Of course", said a cheerful voice from behind the anxious couple. "But we need to get moving, the OR is basically ready to go. Just waiting on our patient." Dr. Kim placed his hand on Baekhyun's shoulder and squeezed lightly.


Baekhyun exhaled the breath he had been holding as the contraction passed. "Dr. Kim, I guess you were right when you said any day now when I saw you yesterday." He gave him a weak smile and gestured for Chanyeol to stand up. Chanyeol took his place behind the wheelchair and started to push it, following the doctor through a set of double doors.


Baekhyun laid on the operation table after the anesthesiologist did the spinal tap and a couple of nurses got his lower half all covered with a drape as Chanyeol sat on the opposite side and gripped Baekhyun's delicate hand in his larger one.


"Okay Mr. Park, the doctor is scrubbing up and will be with us soon. How's the pain?", a short, slender male nurse asked him as he smoothed out a wrinkle in the blue drape of fabric that was hung over a metal frame.

Baekhyun gave him a dopey smile,"What pain", he said as he squinted to read the name seen across the left side of the nurse's scrub top,"Nurse Do?"

The nurse smiled, his lips slipping into a heart shape,"That's good. Means the spinal tap is doing its job. Your birth plan says you want a mirror up so you can see your baby as soon as they come out, right?"

"Yes, please. I wanted to film it but Baekkie here didn't want me showing it off to all of our friends", Chanyeol said with a chuckle. 

"We can have a nurse take pictures if you would be comfortable letting her use your phone", Nurse Do said with a bright smile.

"What do you say, Baek?", Chanyeol asked his husband with a hopeful expression on his face.

"Sure. Why not?", Baek said as the Dr walked into the room, covered head in toe in surgical gear.


"Well, gentlemen, are we ready to get this baby out so you can see them?", Dr. Kim said, his voice slightly muffled with a mask.


Chanyeol squeezed Baekhyun's hand gently as they looked at each other, a soft smile mirrored on each of their faces.


"Yes. I can't wait to meet him or her", Baekhyun said as he squeezed back on Chanyeol's hand.


The procedure went textbook smooth and their baby emerged into the world with a shrill cry. Baekhyun had his eyes glued to the mirror mounted on the wall.

"It's a girl", Dr. Kim said proudly and waved Chanyeol over to cut the cord. The little girl was wiped down quickly and drops were put in her eyes before they weighed and measured her, Nurse Do happily calling out the numbers.

"7 pounds, 8 ounces and 21 inches long. And so pretty! Let me get her wrapped up and then you can see her." 


Chanyeol watched for a second as the nurses removed the placenta but the sight of all that blood made him a little dizzy so he went and took his place at Baekhyun's side. "She looks like you baby. Even has your moles. She's so pretty", Chanyeol whispered as he kissed his husband on the forehead. Baekhyun tried to sit up so he could see where his daughter was but one of the nurses politely asked him to lay back so they could get his incision sewn back up. Eunkyung


Nurse Do approaches them, a smile on his face as he carried a pink wrapped bundle carefully in his arms.

"Chanyeol, can you hold her for now? Baekhyun can hold him as soon as we get the all clear for him to sit up.

 Chanyeol the baby with trembling hands and turned in the chair beside the operating table so that Baekhyun could see her too.


"What name did you decide on, baby?", Chanyeol whispered as he watched Baekhyun's face. 


Waking up from his coma had been touch and go at first. Chanyeol had been awake for a few days before slipping into it again but it only lasted a day that time. When he'd come to, Baekhyun had been curled up in the bed beside him, a baby name book clutched in one hand. No matter how many times Chanyeol had asked, Baek wouldn't tell him what name he had picked, he'd wanted it to be a surprise.


"Eun Kyung", Baek whispered back as he reached his hand out and his finger down his daughter's cheek gently. "It means precious gem. To be honest, I couldn't even decide on a boy's name. I said I wanted a boy that looked like you…. when you….were….", Baekhyun's voice trailed off as his eyes went glossy. "But when you finally woke up, I decided I wanted a girl because I still had you."


"Well", Chanyeol choked out on a laugh," part of her does look like me", he said as he peeled the blanket away from her head and Baekhyun giggled as he saw that Eun Kyung had her papa's ears.


 "I thought you said she was pretty", Baekhyun said and watched as Chanyeol's smile morphed into a pout. "Of all your features for her to get, it would be your Yoda ears", he giggled and reached out to tug at the mentioned ears.


"Hey, don't be mean to me in front of our daughter. She's going to get the idea it's okay to poor papa." Chanyeol pouted.


Baekhyun let out a delighted giggle as Eun Kyung opened her eyes and yawned.

"She has my puppy eyes! I take it back, she's pretty, even if she got your ears."


The couple sat quietly and examined the precious pink bundle in Chanyeol's arms as the doctor finished up closing the incision.


"Okay, dads. All sewn up. Let's go through some details and then we can get you all comfy in your room." Dr. Kim came over to them and went through the post-op protocol briefly. They would get more instructions before they were sent home in a few days so he kept it short. Baekhyun was moved carefully into a wheelchair, which was pushed by a nurse, Chanyeol trailing behind them, their daughter cradled in his strong arms.


In the recovery room all four of their parents waited anxiously and Baekhyun's mom made motions to take the baby gir from Chanyeol but the taller man gently explained that Baekhyun hadn't even held her yet. Once Baekhyun was settled in bed, his daughter was passed to him and he held her carefully.


"Hello Eun Kyung. I'm your appa. I'm so glad you're here. I waited so long to meet you", he whispered, tears rolling down his cheeks. Chanyeol stood at the foot of the bed and took a video of the moment, tears rolling down his cheeks too.

"I just met you and I already love you so much. How can I love someone so much?", Baekhyun said as he glanced up at Chanyeol. The taller just smiled and mouthed his words of love back at his little family.

Once Baekhyun had a moment to bond,his mother came over and with a kiss on his forehead, scooped her granddaughter into her arms and went to join the other grandparents.


"I can't believe it", Chanyeol said as he joined his husband on the bed, careful not to jostle him.

"I feel like I'm dreaming. That I'm going to wake up….. beside you. You still in a coma and not knowing if you will wake up again", Baekhyun whispered, afraid to jinx this amazing moment.

"Hey. Baby. Don't think like that. I'm right here. Beside you. Awake", Chanyeol said and leaned over to kiss Baekhyun's tear streaked cheeks.

"I know. I keep telling myself everything is okay but my brain keeps making up the worst things", Baekhyun said, a soft sob escaping. He clutched at Chanyeol's hand and dropped his head to the broad shoulders beside him. "And now my damn hormones are all over the place. I just want to sleep. Can you ask our parents to leave for awhile?"


"Of course", his mom said as she came over to bring Eun Kyung back to the couple on the bed. "You need to rest while you can. Once you get home, all bets are off. Even cute babies are demanding", she passed the baby to Chanyeol and the grandparents said their goodbyes and left the room, shutting the door behind them.

Baekhyun let out a huge yawn and turned cautiously to rest his head better on Chanyeol's shoulder. "Can you wake me up when the nurse brings her first bottle?", he asked as his eyes slid shut.


"Of course, Baek. I'll wake you up, because I can't do this without you", Chanyeol whispered as his husband and daughter slept peacefully under his watchful gaze.


(Took over a month for me to write this little bonus. I didn't expect people to want more and that somehow triggered my writing anxiety again. I wrote this a paragraph at a time because I kept getting discouraged because the words were hard. But I did it and I really hope you like it.

Ummmm the parts about the c-section are sloppily researched so don't come at me about it lol I've got kids but I didn't have c-sections so I don't really know anything about them. Eun Kyung means precious gem, which I thought fit perfectly for a baby between these two precious guys.

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