You need to wake up because I can't do this without you

Baekhyun shifted in the uncomfortable hospital chair as he tried to lean closer to the hospital bed and it’s unconscious occupant. His chest was level with the plastic rail that ran along the side and he was worried that if he leaned forward anymore he would accidentally press the button to call the nurses’ station.  


Baekhyun stood slowly and rolled his bottom lip under his front teeth before he placed one hand on the bed and carefully slid onto it,making sure not to jostle the tall man that slept there. He rolled onto his side and draped one arm gently across the other’s waist and rested his head on his chest, careful to not tug at any of the tubes and wires that were tethered to the machine at the head of the bed. The slow, deep sounds of the man’s heartbeat were in sync with the soft beep that kept track of them.


“Sorry, I’m late getting here. My doctor’s appointment ran late and then the elevator was really slow”, Baekhyun said as he watched his husband’s handsome face,pale and still. The feathery line of his lashes lay in a perfect curve against his cheeks. He reached out with a shaky hand and traced the line of his cheekbone with one finger.

"The baby is doing just fine. Their getting bigger and bigger everyday.", Baekhyun said as he rubbed his free hand over the heavy weight that was just inches from his husband's side. "Just a few more weeks and we will know what we are having. I know you said you didn't care if it was a boy or girl but I decided I really want a little boy that looks exactly like his daddy."


Baekhyun swore that he saw a flutter of eyelashes and locked his gaze on the handsome face, hoping it wasn't just his imagination. A soft frustrated sigh escaped his lips when nothing happened and he blinked rapidly, trying to fight the tears that threatened to fall.


One month and 3 days ago they had been on their way to a prenatal appointment when Chanyeol suddenly had a seizure and went unconscious. Baekhyun had struggled to carefully veer the car on to the side of the road to avoid traffic and as soon as the car was stopped he had called 911. When he had explained he was pregnant the dispatcher had told him that help was immediately on the way, despite his cries that he wasn't the one that needed help. It wasn't until the ambulance arrived on scene that he was able to explain what happened. The paramedics were quick to remove Chanyeol from the car and get him into the back of the ambulance and start trying to figure out what had happened. Baekhyun stood beside the car and watched, his chest tight with fear as they called out things he didn't understand and worked to get Chanyeol conscious again. Only when he heard the deep gravelly voice of his husband finally start to answer the questions they were asking him did he finally slump and slide to the ground by the car. He was helped up by a  paramedic with a name tag on his uniform that said Zhang and they got him to the ambulance and into the back of it. He squeezed in beside Chanyeol and gripped his hand as the doors closed, the sirens wailed and they flew down the road to the nearest hospital, the same one where his appointment was scheduled at.

Once they reached the hospital Chanyeol was rushed into the ER and the doctors began to run tests on him. On the way to have a CAT scan done, the tall man had another seizure and slipped into an unconscious state that lasted to this day. 

A series of tests showed that there was swelling on Chanyeol's brain. They immediately started medicine to reduce the swelling and hoped he would wake up soon. After talking to Baekhyun they found out that Chanyeol had gotten hit in the head with a baseball a few days earlier at the park but didn't go get it checked out.

Baekhyun regretted not insisting and that is why he had sat vigil for the last 33 days, only leaving to get a week's worth of clothes from home and check on their dog who was staying with a friend.


Baekhyun pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened up the file the obgyn had sent him after his appointment.

"See, that's a little arm and that's a foot. Dr. Kim said the measurements are exactly where they need to be. He said the baby will probably end up around 20-21inches long. Looks like I'll be a midget once they hit puberty." He let out a weak chuckle. "The doctor also gave me this", Baekhyun whispered as he opened the sound file the doctor had emailed him.

A whooshing sound filled the room at first, then it was replaced with a soft steady pulsing noise.

"And that's the baby's heart. I wanted to make sure you heard it. I'm going to add it to the playlist on your phone so it can play over your speaker." Baekhyun snuggled closer and listened as the two heartbeats synced themselves. Eventually he closed his eyes and dropped off into a deep, peaceful sleep.

So deep in fact, that he didn't feel the arm slip around his waist and hug him tightly.


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Chapter 2: I'm so glad that you made the epilogue :)
Ms_koala #2
Chapter 2: It's sweet!!
Chapter 2: Thank you so much for this. I needed a closure.
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Chapter 1: Epilouge please
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Chapter 1: Nice story author-nim you managed to fit alot of emotion and thought into a few words 👍
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