Chapter 7


The day arrived when Kanika is done with her project and headed back to Thailand with Jinyoung. Bambam greeted them at the airport in Thailand. They were pleasantly surprised to see Bambam. He din’t mention about flying to Thailand the last time Kanika spoke to him. The drive to the palace was filled with chatter. They reached the palace in no time and everyone retired to their own rooms.

Kanika heard a knock on her door, “Nikki, do you have a moment?” Bambam enquired.

“Come in,” Kanika motioned him in, opening the door.

Bambam sat comfortably on her bed and was contemplating how to initiate the conversation.

“Phi chay, spill it. I know it must be important, considering your unexpected visit to Thailand,” Kanika suggested.

“Nikki, you know that I love you and I want the best for you right?” Bambam enquired, looking at her baby sister with anxious eyes.

“Phi chay, I am very much aware that you love me the most. I trust you realize that you are my best friend. Now tell me what is bothering you?” enquired Kanika, giving an encouraging hug.

“Nikki, they will crown papa as the Sovereign in the next few weeks and he wants to announce the next in line to the throne,” Bambam stated.

“Let me guess, you are not keen on being the crown prince, Kanika stated.

“Nikki it’s not just about me. If I step aside from the responsibility, the duty will fall upon you. I am stressed that my decisions in respect to the crown will impact your life. I will never forgive myself if my actions cause you unhappiness,” Bambam stated.

“I din’t give an answer to Papa yet. I decided to talk to you before I decide on my role in the family. You are my baby sister that I want to protect with my life and I don’t want to be selfish with my decision,” Bambam continued looking concerned.

“Phi chay, why do I get a feeling, in case I reject the responsibility, you will step into the role regardless of whether that isn't what you want. I had a feeling for past few years that you aren’t keen on being the crown prince, I assume that it is not your top choice but a duty towards the country,” Kanika enquired.

Bambam stayed silent while staring at the family portrait hanging on the wall. He was not sure what to say to his sister, so she doesn’t feel obligated to take up the role.

“Brother, look at me. Do you recollect our childhood role play games? I was the one demanding to play Soverign all times when I could have been anything? Also do you remember me whining to papa and mama why I wasn’t the eldest child, so I will be next in line after Papa, to ascend the throne?” Kanika stated.

“Nikki that was you being a child, I can’t assume that you still have the same thoughts,” Bambam replied.

“Bamie, my dearest brother, yes I was a child then, yet I wished to be the next monarch of Thailand. Growing up I acknowledged the importance of the role and I realized that I can’t be greedy for something that doesn’t belong to me. I decided to serve our people in whatever royal role that would be bestowed upon me,” Kanika stated.

“I understand that you believe we don’t need title’s to serve humanity in this modern era, but we also can’t deny the influence we have on people to encourage them positively. I also believe in our rich history, there is a reason our dynasty ruled Thailand for centuries. The rulers were fair to their people, they brought in positive change, they shielded our territories and people from foreign invasions. There is religious freedom, free education and justice was available for everyone regardless of their social strata. I believed you would make an excellent King when it’s your turn,” Kanika continued.

“If being a King is something that you don’t see yourself to be, it would be an honour for me to step into the role and proceed with the incredible work of the Bhuwakul dynasty. I would only be indebted to you for giving me a chance to serve the country in noteworthy capacity,” Kanika concluded.

“Nikki, is this what you truly desire?” Bambam questioned.

“Phi chay, I don’t want you to feel guilty of burdening me with responsibilities. This will work for both of us. This role is something you are not eager to take up, and it is something I am grateful to take upon. So stop stressing on it, I want you to be happy with your life and whatever choice you make I will stand by you,” Kanika promised.

“Let’s talk to Papa in the morning, we shall inform him of our decisions. I believe Papa will be proud of you, Nikki,” Bambam stated.

“Let’s do that, now stop worrying and have a peaceful sleep brother, Good night,” Kanika replied.

“See you at breakfast. Good night sissy,” Bambam stated and left for his room to rest for the night.

“Hyung, you are up early? What are you staring at? Anyone that caught your fancy in this palace?” Bambam snickered, taking a seat next to Jinyoung.

“Bamie why do you make it difficult for me to like you? Why do you have to annoy me first thing in the morning?” Jinyoung groaned.

“Is Phi chay bullying you Oppa?” Kanika enquired taking a seat next to Jinyoung.

“If enquiring about his latest interest means bullying him, then I am guilty. However, I have Hyung’s best interest in mind when I ask such questions,” Bambam stated faking innocence.

“Brother, what am I hearing? You can’t be that cruel, you were smitten by a stranger till last night. Now you moved on to someone else? I have second thoughts on introducing you to my male friends,” Kanika snickered.

“Grandpa Park warned me that the brother and sister combo is a walking disaster. I am afraid I have to agree with him,” Jinyoung stated.

“Hyung, that’s old news. We got over it. Grandpa Park is disappointed with all of us. Now me and Nikki are giving him more reason to feel the highest disappointment,” Bambam chuckled.

“Why? What are you two up to?” Jinyoung questioned, looking concerned.

“I have decided not to take on the role of crown prince and Nikki is stepping in to take the responsibility. We will inform Papa of our decision,” Bambam stated.

“Ahh that explains the reason behind your sudden appearance in Bangkok. Wow, you two really have a niche skill to make our grandfather go ballistic. Too bad I would be the one hearing all his ranting. The old man will have a field day once the news is out. Do me a favour and let me know in advance when he will be updated with this news. I will make sure to not step into the house for few days,” Jinyoung stated.

“I, feel offended by grandpa’s blatant ism,” Kanika stated.

“Well that’s one to begin with, we can add Classist, Homophobic, Despotic, Narcissist and the list can go on,” Bambam stated.

“You guys are lucky you don’t have to share a roof with him. The thought of seeing him in few hours is a unsettling feeling,” Jinyoung stated.

“Why do you have to leave for Seoul today, if you don’t want to go? Why can’t you spend a few more days here?” Bambam enquired.

“I need to go Bamie, I can’t keep avoiding the inevitable,” Jinyoung replied.

“Nikki, I am proud of you my baby sis with our decision to take the role of crown princess. I believe you would do justice to the role,” Jinyoung stated, beaming with pride.

“Happy to hear you have trust in me to be a good ruler one day. It’s assuring Oppa,” Kanika replied with a smile.

“Ok you two go ahead with the meeting with your father. Convey my regards to him. I will see your mom before I leave for Seoul,” Jinyoung stated.

Bambam and Kanika found their father reading some documents in his personal library. The siblings informed their decision regarding the royal role that they will take upon. Their Papa din’t seem surprised with their decision. He only questioned if that is what his children truly desired. The to be King was very vocal about his children’s happiness being the top priority and they shouldn’t feel obligated to take the role. Kanika made it clear to her father she is grateful for the opportunity to serve the nation. He informed them he will have a word with their mother before he informs the current king about his grandchildren’s decision.

After their meeting with their father, both the siblings retired to their respective rooms. Bambam informed all his cousins on the latest development in their group chat. He informed them to keep it under wraps as it is not official yet. The cousins were all supportive with the decision. Bambam called Yugyeom to inform him of the latest development.

“Hello Bamie, How are you? Is everything fine?” came Yugyeom’s voice.

“Yugs, did I wake you up?” Bambam enquired.

“I was about to get up, I have a student to tutor at 6:30 AM,” Yugyeom replied.

“Yugs I am worried for your health. Is your goal to over work yourself to death?” Bambam stated with concern.

“Don’t be dramatic Bamie, I hardly over work. Now tell me what is going on with you?” Yugyeom replied.

“I spoke to Nikki on my stance about the royal role and she was happy to step in. We informed Papa of our decision and he was fine with it,” Bambam stated.

“That’s good to know. I feel better knowing that everything is fine with your decision and your family. When are you planning to be back in London?” Yugyeom stated.

“I will take a week. Nikki is here, she wants to spend time with Papa and Mama before the coronation. I want to spend sometime with them too,” Bambam replied.

“Enjoy your time. See you soon. I will let you go now,” Yugyeom stated and disconnected the call.

There was a knock on the door as soon as the call ended and Yugyeom went to the door to see who it is. It surprises him to see the person standing at the door. He din’t expect the visitor to be at the door when Bambam was not in the country.

“Ahh hi, come in. I guess you are not aware of Bambam being out of country,” Yugyeom suggested.

“Yugi, I am aware of Bambam Oppa’s travel to Bangkok,” Yeojin replied.

“I am not sure on the purpose of your visit, but make yourself comfortable. You know where everything is. I have to go for work. Please excuse me,” Yugyeom stated.

“Yugi, please, don’t ignore me. I flew from Zurich just to see you,” Yeojin replied, looking hopefully at Yugyeom.

“Does Bambam or Nikki know that you are here?” Yugyeom inquired.

“No,” Yeojin replied softly, looking down.

“Does anyone in your family aware of your sudden trip to London?” Yugyeom questioned with concern.

Yugyeom is met with silence this time. He looked at Yeojin who was standing close to the door; she was only carrying a handbag there was no luggage. She may want to be back in Zurich the same day he thought to his self. She kept looking at the floor, avoiding Yugyeom’s gaze.

“Yeojin, stay home till I get back. Don’t go anywhere. Once I am back I will drive you to the airport. You can take the earliest flight to Zurich,” Yugyeom stated.

“I am sorry to barge in without prior notice. Are you mad at me?” Yeojin enquired, voice filled with sorrow and eyes brimming with unshed tears.

Yeojin seemed meek and distressed, Yugyeom felt his heart constrict looking at Yeojin. He wanted to comfort her, the strong desire to run his fingers through her hair is present but he held back. There were lines he couldn’t cross no matter how defeated Yeojin felt.

“I am not angry Yeojin. I am sorry, but I have to rush now, I have a tutoring session in 20 minutes, I will be back in an hour. Please don’t leave,” Yugyeom stated.

He got a nod from Yeojin, he rushed to freshen up and head out. On his way to work he called Bambam to inform him on Yeojin’s visit.

“Yes Yugs, good morning once again. What’s up?” Bambam enquired, answering the call.

“Yeojin is here,” Yugyeom stated.

There was a brief silence before Bambam replied. “Is she alone? Does any of our cousins know that she is in London now?”

“She said no one is aware of her travel to London,” Yugyeom replied.

“Ok make sure you get her on a flight back to Zurich as soon as possible. If my cousins get a whiff of this, they will have my head on their plate. Don’t tell Yeojin that you informed me of her visit,” Bambam stated.

“Ok I will update you once she boards the flight,” Yugyeom replied and disconnected the call.

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