The Producer who falls too easily

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Chapter 3 | The Producer who falls too easily

Today marks the day that Joohyun starts her impossible project. And that is, producing music on her own. Being a producer from a big company had her career immobile for years. She knows she can do much better than those producers who are men but in a patriarchal society, you can see that there isn’t a fair system. The company even asked her to switch careers stating that she’s too pretty to be a music producer. They offered her spots to debut as a k-pop idol despite her age. But no, she isn’t going to get this in her head. This kind of unfairness is what made her quit her job to prove those s they are wrong. That she can do much better than them.

She remembers the owner of the studio as she is tinkering with all the equipment, making sure they work as how they intended. She laughs at the memory. The sight only proved she has dibs on the cute owner. But that can wait. Maybe for now she can use Seulgi as an inspiration. Being in a relationship would render her focus unstable. And she wonders why she’s gone far as thinking they could be in a relationship.

She shakes her head. She needs to familiarize more on these. Setting up was never her forte. But these are more advanced than what her previous company used. This studio would be a producer’s safe haven, and yet she’s curious why she was able to book for a whole month.

It’s been four hours since she’s been playing around sounds and all. Setup is complete and now, she needs to feed the dragons in her stomach. She goes out of the door of the studio and she sees the owner before she goes.

Joohyun sees Seulgi still looking like a lion. She knocks and then peeks at the office’s door like she did earlier today. “Want to go out for lunch?” She figures it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Befriending the owner would be beneficial to her if this project goes well.

Seulgi is still surprised. She didn’t have much social interactions every day unless it was Sooyoung taking her order at the café at night. And yet, Joohyun is here again peeking at her door for the second time. “Uhm, yeah.” She nods and then hurries to get her keys and wallet.

“You’re not going out like that are you?” Joohyun casually asks as she points out to the cute owner’s hair.

Seulgi mouths “oh”, and takes out the tie from her wrist. She makes her hair into a bun like a pro. And within thirty seconds, she’s g

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