If all the Universe Conspires

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A love story, six years in the making. One was regretful. The other, reluctant. But both buoyed up to second chances and letting the universe resolve their fate. 


Disclaimer: This is a not an English story. It is written in Tagalog.

Lately, I've been having fun writing stories in Tagalog. I know, I have a lot of other stories to finish but I just felt the need to pen this up because I don't want these overflowing ideas to be left unwritten.

Forgive me, my dear readers for making you wait. In my fickleness, I hope you still find it in you and wait for me to finish everything else, in my own pace.

Here's a snippet of the first chapter:


“What did you think about today’s topic?” Tanong niya sa akin. Kung ako, nagpapabasa ng chapter drafts kay Wendy for feedback, she does the same with her radio show as well.

“It was fairly engaging. Natawa ako doon sa nagsabi na binoto niya raw si Mang Kanor for president.” I can say that my sister really cares about her craft just like I am with mine. I support her in what she does, parang siya sa akin.

“Oh, that one,” natawa na rin si Wendy ng tuluyan. “Eh ikaw?”

Ano nga ba ang entry ko para sa #WhatIRegretTheMost? Alam kong hindi ako makakalusot sa tanong ni Wendy.

“Not asking Irene out?” Napansin kong napatigil si Wendy sa paghihiwa ng sibuyas. Marahil ay nagulat siya sa sagot ko. She went to me and hugged me tightly. Napaka-oa talaga nito.

“You finally said her name, Seul!” Parang tanga si Wendy.

I did. For years, I tried to bury my regret like it was not a part of me. Forbidden nga na masambit ang pangalan niya. But the more I try to forget, the more I tend to overthink.

What if I asked Irene out? Would there be a chance for us?

If I wanted it hard enough, would all the universe conspire for us to be together?

Posted chapter 2 earlier since I don't think I'd be able to post it on Wednesday.
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