You Are My Sky

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"She is as warm as the radiant sun."

"She is as soft as the glow of the moon."

Together, SinB and Yerin embark on a journey of discovery - about themselves, about each other, and about the universe.



This is an entirely new concept for me and is such a challenge to write. It was supposed to be a one-shot but it felt too good to keep it short.

I'm just here to fulfill a promise I made to a friend. The story is her idea, and I hope I do justice to it.

And the title is a line from one of her favorite Gfriend songs.


And oh, I made that cover myself! Images taken from the internet, full credit to their respective owners. Poster made thanks to Canva (and their beautiful templates)


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Yerintopic #1
Chapter 1: Update please
Chapter 2: Thanks, author!
I really needed some new Sinrin stories!
Chapter 2: well the ending is so cute and ofc. messy at the beginning
Chapter 2: I love it