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All your life you were caged and tortured, a never-ending cycle of pain. You no longer remember a life beyond that. All you wanted to do was escape this cruel fate. But finally finding your escape and being saved by a masked criminal was just the beginning of your nightmares. Can you ever really be free?








Pairing: Kai x Reader x Baekhyun

Warnings: Language, violence, torture, ual situations

Moodboard by @ninibears-erigom-fics



I run through the maze-like hallways of the lab, not knowing where I’m going or where I came from. Every time I see a group of guards blocking my way I turn sharply into another hallway, hoping for the best.

It’s only a matter of time before I am caught again.

I can’t be caught again. I won’t let them.

Conjuring all my strength, I pull against the metal walls with my powers, forcing them to bend inwards, blocking off paths. I do this as often as my body allows, my muscles burning from the exertion.

I do not stop. Can’t stop.


For the first time, I am free.




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