16 Sleeping Beauty

Beauty and Beast
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"Home, sweet home! You're safe, now!
You don't have to worry, Your Royal Highness! You will recover soon, I am hundred percent sure! 
My beloved ZhanZhan, you'll be fine, you're a strong fighter! Besides, all the Gods love you and will take care of you, no doubt about that!",  ZhuoCheng  whipped his  teary eyes, while looking at the Prince of Rose, who was sleeping peacefully in his royal bed from The Rose palace.



"Tell me exactly everything about what and how it happened!", the head of the royal family's doctors team  asked lord Wang ZhuoCheng, while forcing open Beauty's  eyelids to check out his pupils.

"Yeah, dear ChengCheng, I want to hear the story of those unfortunate events again, even though you told me it in detail! 
Wen Chao and all those bastards will pay, whomever they are! I promise you, ZhanZhan!", King Xiao Li of Rose thundered, taking his son's inert hand into his.

"Yes, Your Highness! I am sure that The Gods will give them a hard punishment along with yours!", Wang ZhuoCheng bowed before his king, then he started the narration of the events from the two kingdoms' border. 

"There were only five border Peonian sentinels, at that border crossing point where me and ZhanZhan planned to force ourselves through. It didn't look to us too hard to win over those bored and sleepy five soldiers, but we decided to be as cautious as possible. Therefore we hid our horses behind some big rocks and large trees from nearby, then I…I swear that I thought that it would be safer for ZhanZhan to stay hidden there with the horses, until I would try dealing by myself with the guards! But my wrong decision caused this terrible disaster! I am so sorry!", ZhuoCheng burst into tears for the nth time since they  arrived home, to The Rose Palace.

"No, ChengCheng, stop blaming yourself, you did nothing wrong! Thank you for protecting and staying by my beloved son's side  this whole time when he was alone between strangers and enemies! It was my worst decision ever taken, not only as a father, but as a king, too!  I sent the only heir of Rose to live in a foreign country instead of keeping him here where he could have been more safe than anywhere else! The only one to be blamed is me, his own father and his king, who chased him away from the safety and comfort of his own home! And now he is…, oh good Gods of heavens, please don't let him die!", King Xiao Li cried out, tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Please, Your Majesty, don't lose hope! I don't know yet and can't promise that His Royal Highness Xiao Zhan will be the same as before, but I can promise that much that we could bring him back from the comatose state. And from there we will work very intensively with him, with a lot of therapy, not only a medical treatment.", the head doctor knelt down before the king.    

"I apologize for my weakness, you're right, Rose deserves a strong king! Please ChengCheng continue your story.", the king whipped his tears and straightened his posture in the chair from next to Beauty's bed.

"The doctors are right, ZhanZhan will be alright, keep the faith Your Highness!", ZhuoCheng knelt down, too, before the king, then continued his telling.

"I had already solved the matter with the sentinels who didn't figure out that the trespassing documents were fake, and now I was heading towards the spot where I left ZhanZhan and the horses, when a rider  bursting out of nowhere slipped by me almost like a flaming flying ghost.
I can't  tell if it was a woman, or a man disguised as a woman, as it seemed to me that the rider was wearing female clothes. But I could be wrong of course.
I hurried to the rocks, keeping shouting Beauty's name. 
But he didn't answer!
He couldn't answer!
Because he was lying on the ground, thank god that not dead, but just unconscious! With a bleeding injury at the back of his head! 
He kept hurting his head several times already! It was the third time, I think, that he knocked the back of his head. First time and the second time against a rock, and now, I assume that the ghost rider hit him in the head with the shovel thrown next to him. The shovel had blood traces.
I was torn between chasing the culprit and taking care of Beauty, and I chose the latest. I shouted to the  border guards asking them to follow the rider, but they said it was not their duty and  they don't take orders from strangers.    
I was just trying my best to revive Beauty, by washing his face  and his wound with water from the river nearby, when the troopers sent by Your Majesty to take us home, arrived at the very same border crossing point that we were trying to pass.  I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a holy hand that was protecting us for sure, especially that Beauty was coming slowly into his senses.
I thanked the heavens while shouting his name and  my  heart did somersaults when he opened his eyes! But it stopped beating for a few moments when  he whispered: "Beauty? What is Beauty? And who are you?"...And he went back to unconsciousness right after that. And didn't wake up anymore since then.", ZhuoCheng stopped talking as his voice cracked.

"Your Majesty, allow me to  present  to you my medical opinion.
I don't think that this comatose state could persist more than a  few days, I give 99 percent that he will wake up in a week at most.
Hmm, as about...His Royal Highness  hit the back of his head three times, lord Wang ZhuoCheng  said!
Three consecutive head concussions, good gods! We should thank the heavens that it's only a memory loss effect, not a more serious brain damage.
Memory loss is a common concussion symptom. The patient can struggle with long-term or short-term memory formation after a concussion, but short-term memory problems are more common.
The issues with memory could last for a few weeks, a few months or even a few years in some cases. 
If the patient lost his memory of a traumatic event, it may or may not come back,  that memory loss could be permanent. But if he has recurring memory problems from a concussion, those can improve or go away completely with a good  concussion rehabilitation program, I dare say!
Does Your Majesty remember Lord Wu's wife, who lost her memory after falling down from the horse while learning to ride? I treated her with intensive therapy, many exercises, along with  the medication to relieve  headaches and when her husband started losing his hope, she woke up one morning completely recovered. It's true that it took five months, but what I'm trying to say is that I am confident that me and my team have high chances to heal our precious Prince of Rose!"

The doctor startled when the king jumped up from the chair and pulled him into a bone crushing hug, while keeping thanking him.

"Can I help with something, somehow?", ZhuoCheng managed to speak  in a strangled voice, trying hard to stop the tears from flowing.

When the king had finally released him , the doctor bowed to him, then said:
"Your Majesty, you don't have to thank me, I will tell you the truth that I can't give you a hundred percent assurance  that the result will be similar with Lord Wu's wife case, all I can assure Your Majesty is that we will  make the goal of our lives from healing His Royal Highness! We love him dearly, the whole nation loves him actually, and I am not just saying this. 
And  lord Wang ZhuoCheng, yes you can help! A lot, actually! You will be a very important piece from the therapy program. Especially that you are his best friend who knows him the most . You can take him on short walks in places he liked or he used to walk. Also, you will have to tell him daily stories from his past and that way you might  revive some memories, especially those important to his heart, not only to his brain."

"Your Majesty said that Prince Xiao Zhan was alone between strangers and enemies. With all due respect, please allow me to respectfully disagree about that.
And I am not talking about me  staying beside him, but he was taken care of and protected by Wang Yibo, the King of Peony, in person, along with his trustful assistant and best friend. He  lodged us both in  the castle that was once his mother's castle, giving us a whole flank only for ourselves to be used. Also, they took care to provide us with the necessary food and medical supplies,  and other needs.
Oh, and Your Majesty are not gonna believe it, because I didn't believe it either at first, but some wild animals took care of him and even saved our Prince's life.",ZhuoCheng told the king.

"I can believe that, because my sweet son loves animals and animals always  loved him back!", King Xiao Li smiled  endearingly while caressing the sleeping prince's cheek.

"Yes, but those animals were not any common animals. They could talk…but I will tell you more later when you will be free to listen to the whole story I have to tell you.". Wang ZhuoCheng stopped  talking and bowed to the King, because the team of doctors who were still in the room didn't have to  learn about all those details.

"Yes, you're right, we should let the doctors and nurses do their jobs! 
I want to hear everything  right now, so we  better go to my office.
I already read the letter from the King of Peony, but I still have some questions to ask you.", the King said.



It took lord Wang ZhuoCheng almost the whole night  to inform  King Xiao Li of Rose about  all the  events that Prince Xiao Zhan and himself  lived during their stay in The Kingdom of Peony.

In the end, The King had finally spoken, after pondering for a few long  minutes what decision would be the best to take:
"ChengCheng, don't look  at me like that!
It would be easy to decide if I would be  exclusively ZhanZhan's father, not the king of Rose, too. 
I tried hard to think about  a solution to not bring Rose and its people into a war that could break out if I would send our soldiers to another kingdom. 
But, on a different perspective, helping King Wang Yibo to defeat the criminal Wen Chao,  means helping Rose, too, because if Wen Chao were to become the King of Peony, the next step would be to attack Rose, no doubt about that! We know that his ultimate goal and the dream of  his gang of traitors always was to steal the throne of Rose from its rightful king.
That's why I will help King Wang Yibo, not only because I am grateful for the protection he  provided to my son (a thing that I truly am grateful for), but also because it's in The Rose's best interest, too.
Therefore I will send an army unit, not too big, but formed from the best trained soldiers."

Wang ZhuoCheng had finally exhaled  the air he was holding in his lungs for The King's whole speech time.
But when he was about to ask The King to allow him to lead the army unit, King Xiao Li continued:
"Of course that everything must be done in a perfect secret.
Nobody should know whose soldiers  they are, nobody from Rose, and nobody from Peony, as well, except us and The King of Peony, of course.
Thus, after taking a rest, as it's already dawn, please think of someone trustworthy enough to name him as the unit's leader.
You would be the best of course, but I think that you know why I can't send you. As the doctor explained to us, you are indispensable in ZhanZhan's rehabilitation."

"Of course, Your Majesty, you are a hundred percent right!
I already have in mind a few names, but I will test them tomorrow.", Wang ZhuoCheng agreed, admitting to himself that The King was perfectly right. 
Maybe, after ZhanZhan will wake up, he will convince King Xiao Li and the doctors that bringing The Prince back to Peony, where he lived through many intense events, would be good for his memory recovery therapy. 
Especially if he would see again the one who is deeply ingrained in his heart…But this last thought was only for himself, not to be shared with The King or the doctors.




It took two days  for the  identities of the leader and the soldiers of the  army unit  to be cas

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