08 You must leave!

Beauty and Beast
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~A week later:

"Xiao Zhan,  don't be stubborn! In order to have my whole mind focused on the kingdom problems I need to know that you are in no danger!
Didn't you see that they tried to kill you? Imagine if they would manage to kidnap you, then to blackmail me! I would be useless for my kingdom's safety, because  the father would make decisions, before the king.
They almost killed Peony's lord Liu Haikuan, thank god that he recovered very fast and was able to travel back home, two days ago. Poor man, he must love his dog dearly, he even insisted to sleep with his injured dog in his room, even though he was not in a better state than his dog.
Anyway, you must leave urgently, even today if possible!"

"But why, father?
Everyone keeps calling me Beauty! I don't want to be like a beautiful, but useless ornament from The Rose's showcase, I want to fight, too, for my country!", Xiao Zhan protested at his father's request.



"My ZhanZhan, understand that this is not the right time to get rebellious, these are very dangerous times! The kingdom would lose not only the land, but its whole meaning, maybe even its identity, if gods forbid, the king would be annihilated along with his unique heir.
I don't want to be dramatic or to scare you, but anything can happen in life, even an unfortunate event like a king being assassinated by  villains hungry for power and wealth.
And what would be The Rose's fate if the king's son wouldn't be alive to save the kingdom and to avenge the king's death?
The Rose and its people need you safe, your king needs you, your father needs you!
Besides, King Xiao is ordering, and the subject Xiao Zhan must obey!"

Beauty kowtowed before the king:
"I'm sorry father, I will obey my king, of course!
But can I ask you a few questions?
Can I take ChangChang with me?
And where  I must leave and for how long?"

King Xiao grabbed his son by his shoulders and hugged him tightly:
"Of course that lord Wang ZhuoCheng will accompany you, I put my whole trust in him to take care of you.
You will be away from the country  until the last scamp will be disclosed and punished. But before that, all the crimes must be proved with strong evidence. Yes, we know who they are, but our secret service needs to work for some time more to gather all the evidence needed for their trial.
That should take a few months, probably.
I will call you back when everything will get back to our usual stable,  peaceful, happy Rose country.
Now about the place where you will go.
These last few days I was in permanent contact with a few countries' ambassadors who were always friendly to our Rose.
I will present to you all the offers and you will be the one to choose.
If you ask me, I think that the offer coming from The Dahlia kingdom would be the first to be taken into account.
The Dahlia princess is young and beautiful, she loves animals the same as you do, and she..."

"Wait, wait!
Father, what are you talking about?
What does a princess have to do with  me going into exile?", Beauty shouted, getting increasingly agitated and panicked.

The king caressed his son's cheek and smiled at him:
"Calm down son, first of all, don't take it as an exile, it will be just a trip, slightly longer than other trips to our neighboring kingdoms.
All of them got excited to have you as their guest, for now, and as possible their future king, who knows?
ZhanZhan, wait, let me explain, don't get alarmed!
I'm not going to force you into anything, but just ask you to think about my proposals.
I needed to find a legit reason for why I ask them to keep my son at their palace and give him a high protection for such a long time. So, I told them that I want my son to meet and know their female heir in their own environment, so as to build feelings for them. Because my son told me that he doesn't want to get married without being in love. Did I lie?
So, the options would be the princesses of Dahlia (who by the way is a very far relative to us), Lily, Peony, Carnation, Chrysanthemum and Tulip."


"Alright, my king, I choose Peony! I was already in their country, if you remember.
I loved it, a beautiful country with nice people.
I don't remember their princess, but I am choosing Peony, nevertheless!
I am sorry for disappointing you by not choosing Dahlia.", Beauty shocked his father with his  unexpected obedience.









~Meanwhile in The Peony kingdom~


Princess Yang Zi doesn't know anymore what to do with herself!
She is almost scared that she will go insane from too much happiness!
Everything is too perfect in her life!

One: Her irksome cousin, the so-called King of Peony, is extremely ill! And not any kind of ill, but he suffers from some weird contagious sickness that doesn't allow him to get near anyone. Nobody can be in contact with him, but only lord Liu Haikuan, who remembered that he  had this illness when he was six years old. The king moved to live in the secluded palace that was once his mother's palace, on top of a mountain, while Andy was away to The Rose. Liu Haikuan moved to live with him in that palace and to  look after him.




The King is still taking care of the kingdom's problems from afar, through Liu Haikuan, who attends the official meetings with the kingdom's rulers. He  communicates the king's decisions through words, but through documents signed by the king himself and sealed with the Peony's official seal, too. Thus the nobles are not suspicious in any way, at least not yet!
Hmm, but those two can't trick the smart Yang Zi! She is almost a hundred percent sure that her disgusting cousin had finally touched and smelt the magical green rose, ha, ha! After all, the flower is nowhere to be found in  the royal rooms, as Andy had finally the chance to rummage into her cousin's rooms. She was always curious about those rooms...but she found nothing interesting.
The perfect, talented, beautiful Wang Yibo is not sick, but he is an ugly, scary beast!
Oh, how much Andy would wish to look at him and laugh at his face!


Two: She was announced by the Rose’s ambassador that Beauty has chosen Peony, from all the offers! 
Beauty has chosen princess Yang Zi! To spend time with her, to court her!
Oh gods! What to do first?!
Yes, she is beautiful, but she must be THE MOST beautiful! She must be unique!
What could she do to look unique, different from all the other beautiful princesses?
Should she shave her eyebrows? Should she get injections in her  cheeks or should she ask for the palace's doctors to cut from her nose and ears, to look smaller? Brrr, not that, she hates pain!

She will charm Beauty, no doubt, and if she d

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