Slowly but Surely

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  • Life in Dorms, Life in University, Students problems, School problems, Friendship like siblings , Falling In love with a girl your best friend used to date?! Starting your own business and being away from your friends? How will they all cope with it?


  • Jeon Jung Kook, the first rank of Department of Computer Science, and the most beautiful girl of the Campus major in Fashion Design, Lalisa, met and find it hard to figure out what love is like? what love is supposed to be? how love supposed to feel like?

Jeon Jung Kook, Mark Tuan, Kim Taehyung, Jin Young, shared the same dorm room, have been close to each other, they are brothers-like-siblings, what are the challenges awaiting them? The upcoming complications of their love tangle with one another.

  • Lalisa, Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, share the same room in girls dorm, located inside the same university. What will be the conflicts between them? How all these girls with different majors will grew so close to one another?

Friendship like sisters, How do they hang out? Being known as the most beautiful girls in the campus with their outstanding ranks in their majors and outstanding appearance? How many guys will be chasing after these girls? How do they hang out? How will they develop their love life during their university life?








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