To our tomorrow that doesn't exist

If there is no next time, know this:

It is cramped. The interior of Shuhua's room contains a dressing table, a chair, a wall clock, and a folding closet she got as a gift from her cousin. The air conditioning in the dorm is down for maintenance so a small fan sits atop the dresser, providing little more than tiny gusts of wind. Next to the fan sits an old FM radio. The twin-sized bed is meant to fit one person; however, two bodies are entangled between the sheets as the sounds of the radio fill the room. 


“—and now for the weather; Today is going to be partly cloudy with specks of blue sky throughout. We’re expecting dry weather with a 0.5 - 2% chance of rain. The heat index at the top of the hour is 35°C and is expected to rise so it is advised that citizens prepare accor—”


Shuhua fiddled with the tuner, there was static for a second before a voice crackled to life as she lie down:


“…no changes have been observed so far, scientists say that no inconsistencies have been found among the string of predictions as of yet. The head of the World Coalition for Preservation of Human Life has expressed great uncertainty as to the fate of the world; The previous due date has been moved to 1 January 2000, two weeks earlier than first projected.”


Miyeon got up to change the station but Shuhua pressed a hand on her chest to stop her, “Let it be—I want to listen.”


“—scientists predict that on the dawn of the new year, the end will come. Dear listeners, in light of this information we regret to inform you all that this will be our last broadcast; We thank you for listening to our humble show over the years. Here we are, signing off for the las—” 

The radio broadcast faded into static, and then into nothing. “Ah, battery’s dead.” Miyeon remarked, breaking the silence. She sat up and reached for the radio, shaking it in an attempt to revive it, realizing the futility, she put the radio back in a huff and lay down again. They held each other for hours, gazing off into the nonexistent distance, drowning in the silence. 


Night fell and the outside world was silent. They remained in bed, where they had been all day. Miyeon knew that Shuhua had moments like these: whenever she was sad or angry, she would lock herself away in her room, refusing to leave for anything. She understood that Shuhua was upset right now, anyone would be after being told that today was their last day on earth; Miyeon winced at the fact that they'd miss both their birthdays, their anniversary, and so much more. She was depressed as well, feelings of  dread and regret welled up inside her, but she had to suppress these in order to be the shoulder for Shuhua to lean on. 


She looked at the clock, it read 11:58 PM. 


Shuhua began to shift, she had fallen asleep some time ago and was beginning to rouse. “Shhh shhh, baby go back to sleep, it’s still nighttime.” Miyeon cooed softly, if the world was going to end, she wanted her lover to go peacefully. “…mmm…okay…” She snuggled deeper into Miyeon’s arms, burying her face in her chest, “I love you…” Shuhua muttered before trailing off into sleep once more. She held her tightly, and tears began to roll down her cheeks as the clock struck midnight. 


“I love you, Yeh Shuhua…” Miyeon whispered as she closed her eyes. 




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