Bonus Requests For One Big Happy EXO Fam


This is the place where people could request the theme of the bonus chapters of this story. Comment below (or you could message me if you would like the request to be a secret without spoilers) what you want them to be themed as. I have the rules posted on the story (just look for sort of an update), but let me know if it's too repetitive to have to go back and forth.

Comment if you would like me to add the rules that are on the original story here. 


The story in question:

One Big Happy EXO Family?


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Wu Junmyeon is pretty much angry at the fact that he has 2 Yifan to take care of. (Okay I at summary)

+ How about Wu family centric?

+ Jun is pissed off that Zitao is his baba's exact copy (both in looks and personality) to the point that he complaint about it to his best friends and even his omma

+ Yifan and Zitao don't even have any idea about why Jun is being grumpy and consulting with their friends as well (yes they noticed but didn't dare to speak a word about it to him)

+ Zitao here should be 10

+ Junmyeon doesn't realise that he's avoiding them (it's your choice if you want to use this or not)

+ This whole situation is making Zitao emotional that he cries in front of everyone (the 4 families are having a get-together in Wu residence)

+ Jun finally realises that even tho Tao is another Yifan he has to take care of he also gets to see a little bit of himself in his baby

I hope you'll like this ^^