The Package
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“Whatever it is, I w-want you to keep b-breath. Breath, and believe that I will always with you.”

Eunbi does not have much energy left and just nod her head. Hyewon’s words weight in her mind. Hyewon’s hands never letting go her fragile palm. Everything is fine. Everything will be fine. Everything should be fine. That’s what the parents-to-be always believe. Their first child will come to them safely.

Hyewon feel bad for her wife. Eunbi need to bear all the pain alone. She keep chanting sorry to crying Eunbi but the latter just cry in silent. It’s indeed hurt, but she want to make Hyewon believe that there is nothing she should be sorry for. It’s her child too. Not Hyewon’s child alone. She and Hyewon are the team in this. The nurses’ step inside their ward already a sign on something. That Kang Chaewon, will greet the world any moment from now.

The blue mark around her wrist should be nothing compare to what Eunbi already went through. She just smile, and has been crying non-stop since the first time she heard Chaewon’s loud cry. She even randomly made a joke saying that Chaewon should be vocalist because she perfectly hit high note once she come out from her mother’s womb. The doctor and the nurses just laugh at the remark. And when she held the newborn angel, she swear for the rest of her life that nobody should mess with her little family.

“Congratulations to both of you. We will bring back the baby to you soon. Mrs Kang, thank you for holding on.” the doctor said to Eunbi before she feel more drowsy due to the meds effect. To her, everything already fine. She breath, and their baby breath perfectly.

Flashback end.


The Kang’s residence is very peaceful on that morning. Hyewon wake up when she feel there is extra space on the bed. Without even bother to open her eyes, her hand keep spreading in effort looking for her human pillow named Eunbi. Her hand stop when she feel little bump. The ‘bump’ moved slightly when Hyewon’s hand patting the part.

“Is my wife getting smaller day by day? Or my hand get bigger?”

“Nngg-hhh… momma stopppp. Chaewonie tickle.”

Hyewon’s eyes bulging when she heard her daughter’s small voice. She quickly move her head to where the small voice come from. Chaewon’s killer pout melted Hyewon who already wake up totally.

“Aigoo my baby panini. Momma is sorry. I forgot you sleep here last night with us.” Hyewon quickly hug her daughter and continue to lay down with Chaewon on her chest. The sleeping kid just let her momma shower her with kisses on her head and enjoy listen to Hyewon’s heartbeat. Hyewon pat Chaewon’s slowly while humming her favourite lullaby. The sight of them still enjoying their morning was secretly captured by the person behind the bedroom door. And since it is still holiday, Eunbi left with silent steps afraid of disturbing both her wife and daughter. She will just drop the news later.


Hyewon just hummed at the voice. Chaewon slowly get up and position herself in sitting pose near to Hyewon.

“What if momma and mommy didn’t get married? Will Chaewonie still born into this world?”

The older shocked by the question. Chaewon with her curious expression waiting patiently at the answer. The short-hair little girl staring at her momma in full anticipation.

“You will still born into this world baby. Even if both mommy and I did not get married to each other, you still fated to be born as someone else daughter. You still a kid but asking me something serious aigoo” Hyewon pinch Chaewon’s chubby cheek and the little girl fail to avoid the attack. The duo then playing pillow fight until Eunbi has to come back and call them for breakfast.

Clingy Chaewon want Eunbi to carry her until to the kitchen. Hyewon tell them to get down first as she need to do the messy bed. She suddenly remember about Chaewon’s question earlier. To be truth, it is not the first time her daughter asking something like that. Still vivid in her mind how Chaewon asked her a question about happiness when she still in her kindergarten days. Usually Eunbi will pick her up as Hyewon will be the one who sent her every morning. Unfortunately Eunbi could not pick Chaewon up and Hyewon just tell her wife for not to worry.


“Chaewonie, do you want to stop by at somewhere? Or just want to straight home?”


“Hmm?” Hyewon asked from driver seat. Five years old Kang Chaewon just stare at the w

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