Two years ago rapstar Kwon Jiyong overdosed while touring, in Hong Kong. After that he took a year-long hiatus to focus on his health. No one knew where he truly was, other than his closest friends.

Jiyong is in a rut. He wants to make a comeback, he wants to make music again, but his head's a mess. The hiatus hasn't helped. He hasn't truly been focusing on his health. He's been going day by day in a haze, just trying to write again, to feel again... But nothing comes.

Thankfully Seunghyun, his best friend and manager, has an idea.


The events depicted in this story are entirely made up and are not based on real life events. I do not claim Kwon Jiyong to be a drug addict.


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this seems intense can't wait to start reading ^^ thank you