Before You Were Mine



After two months in a coma, Jimin, the guy Jungkook loves has woken up. There is just one problem- Jimin has no memory of him. At all. However, Jungkook promises to take care of him, help him recover, and make him remember him and their love.
But will Jungkook be able to handle Jimin’s rejections and win his heart again?


Jimin woke up from a coma to find a handsome young man by his bedside- he didn’t know him, but he seemed familiar. Strangers came claiming they were his parents but he can't remember anyone.
Despite having no memories, he feels like everyone wants him to just pick up where he left off, but will Jimin be able to handle it?

But everyone knows sometimes love isn't an easy choice. And sometimes it's the only one.


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Myeonni2020 #1
Chapter 3: Dear... Where are u author nim? You don't have plan to continue this story.. kind of sad.. the beginning were amazing.. plis update