Yoohyeon's explanation on her and Sua's romantic relationship and how it works.


I wrote this on a whim to get rid of my writer's block and I found it too wasteful to scrap it like 5 other of my stories. Not going to lie some of them I have the ending to write but I couldn't finish it so it was scrapped and pieces of the ideas would migrate to the other stories. 


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Chapter 1: ...ok..i nearly cried, this is beautiful, how yooh described their relationship, yes relationship need a lot of works and if you really want it to work you can do it. I wish someday i will too have something like that...if only i'm not scared of that xD i'm good at givin advice to my "friends" but i'm not good with myself ...well thank you for this sweet oneshot. I really appreciate it and i'm proud of you my friend ♡♡♡