Of gym buddies and OOTDs

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Ficlet of SpartAce as gym buddies.


Hi! So this is my first spartace fanfic or ficlet, actually..

I've been reading a lot of spartace fic here and I finally had the time to share some of my imagination...

This is inspired by Kim Jong Kook's love for gym and Song Jihyo's fascination of wearing baggy clothes. (nothing against Jihyo unnie, I love that she's wearing something she's comfortable but I miss her dressing up for RM. )



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sa_1109 #1
Chapter 1: Aww this story remind me of gym jongkook ...
Chapter 1: Awww this is cute!!! And you’re amazing!! This is a ficlet, alright!! I struggle writing ficlets hahaha
Chapter 1: Hahhahah ! This is short but funny. And yeah, Ji Hyo figure is gorgeous ! Is just kinda sad that she is often dressed in more relax and comfort style during running man fliming. Hope u can continue the story coz I really like it :)
25 streak #4
Chapter 1: KYAAAAAAH! THIS IS SO CUTE! I need to read more before my mind run wild. Update soon! I wanna see how Jong Kook convinced her to wear back the shirt!
Chapter 1: OMG! I can't help but to laugh hysterically! This is so hilarious! But then Jong Kook got what he wanted - that annoying baggy shirt off! Hahahahaha! Keep up the good work! I really enjoyed!
Chapter 1: Cute ficlet! :)
pecintabiru #7
Chapter 1: Hahahahaha... it’s very funny. Sooooo possessives
Mongmongjkjk #8
Chapter 1: I kinda wish it to be longer