A Heated Start

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When Suho took the courage to confess to his 5 year-long best friend, would it turn out the way he expected it to be?

What would happen to their friendship? What would happen to them?

But the most important thing is, do they even know if the affection that they feel towards each other is romance or pure platonic?

"I wanna kiss you." She said in a breath, staring hardly at his trembling lips.

"No, wait, Jiae, you didnt--"

"But you're drunk. I dont want this to happen when you would most probably regret it once you sober up." She sighed as her hand fell, pushing him further from her.

Suho blinked as he felt her body heat retracted, "Kwon Jiae." His voice held authority as he stared blankly into the wall behind her.

What was he going to do?


Hello again, it's Baeshinji, a lame author that loves cliche plots ahah :D Welcome to a random fic that I thought of. 

I wanted to write something that would portray the effectiveness of a hug and how kissing is such an underrated act of showing affection xD

idk im such a er for kisses LOL 

if you've read my fic about kisses [KISSING YOU] starring sehun, I think you would get the same vibe with this hehe.


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