When Worlds Collide

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Aryn has finally done it. Her first book is a success and she's been lined up for a sequel. No more slaving away doing odd jobs to make rent. No more acting in movies she didn't want to be in. Or plays where she cared more about learning the different aspects that went into it than acting. She could finally work from anywhere and just rest her body more. Or that's what she thought. 

Using her connections she manages to get an apartment in Korea, moving there to live for a few years while she works on her series. After all, the next few books take place in Asia. But after moving in she gets a call from her old manager, they need her to help with global promotions for the last movie she filmed. So she ends up roped back into promoting the film- in Korea. After all, she had been the only actor on the crew that knew any Korean. 

Everything becomes a whirlwind after that, where her two worlds collide.



NOTE- The MC will not be a love interest for any idol. There may be fun joke-flirting but that will be it. She has a girlfriend/ fiancee that is another OC that will be introduced. This is just an excuse to write a self-insert fic where the MC befriends a bunch of Kidols and helps them out in different ways. 

BoyxBoy, GirlxGirl, Auality, LGBTQIA will be prevalent in this fic. And though there will be no mature content it will hint at relationships. Along with other issues such as mental and physical health issues, stalkers/ Saesengs, and other such issues that are prevalent in life and in the idol industry. 

Basically I want to write a fic to raise attention about issues but also just have fun with and that will be this. I don't even care if no one reads it really, it's more stress relief than anything. 

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