Chapter 1

When Worlds Collide
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Aryn heaves a small sigh as she steps out into the fading sunlight, slipping sunglasses on over her glasses and tilting her head back to smile up at the sun. She’s tired, exhausted really, from the long flight and stress it took on her body. But she’s excited, so happy to be able to leave her home country for the first time. Pulling her phone out she carefully fumbles to flip the sim card and snaps a photo once it's . Sending it off in the group chat to let everyone know she arrived safely. 

Then she reaches back down and grabs her two bags by the handles, pulling off and heading to the cab line. Using her less-than-perfect but still coherent Korean and the printed out address to explain where she is going, the cabbie nods and helps her load the bags into the trunk. She smiles at him and gives a small bow before climbing into the back seat of the car. 

A short 45 minutes later and she was dropped off outside of the apartment that her friends had set up for her. Goddess bless international friends, she thought with a smile, pulling the key card from her carry on and heading into the apartment complex. She stops at the front office and introduces herself, once again thanking her international friends for leaving her photo with the office so they knew who she was. A short conversation later and she is heading in to her apartment door, swiping the key card and stepping inside. 

She drags her bags inside, looking at the note on the coffee table with a small smile. It’s written half in hangul and half in english, from her two friends who had set the apartment up and it makes a small laugh tumble from her lips as she reads it. Shaking her head at the mixture of Korean and English slang. 


Hey dongsaeng-ah! So we set it up best we could for you, tried to adjust things for your specifications. Joonie has been feeding your cats, they’re separated into the bedroom and guest room and office. We’ve spent as much time with them as we can.
We stocked up on some basics for you, and grabbed veggies and stuff this morning. The cat things have been set up in the large spare bathroom. We know you arrive today, but we are leaving for a short while. 

Hopefully we will see you in a week! Hope everything is ok! Have a good night. 

J & S 

She shakes her head and smiles, the cats had been adjusting for the past month so today would be the day to finally let them out into the apartment. Moving forward she opens her bedroom, smiling as the oldest cat comes out, bending down and kissing his head lightly before giving him a soft scritch and moving to the next room. The second eldest cat comes out and greets her, the two cats sniffing each other before the last room is opened and the youngest cat comes barrelling out. Chuckling softly she pets them all and moves to drag her bags to her bedroom. Yawning softly as she puts her clothes away. 

Done she finally takes a look around the apartment, even though she had seen it in photos it is different in person. The door opens into the living room, a small welcome mat set up next to a bench and shelf combo in the entryway. It's a pretty dark wood, with wicker baskets inside of the cubbies at the bottom. The bench is covered with a soft white cushion, the wood leading up to coat hooks before another shelf with cubbies in it. The entrance and living room are a pale yellow color, dark wood furniture offset with glass and rose gold metal. A soft blue sectional is against the long wall, framed by an end table and a floor lamp. It's covered in soft grey, white, and rose gold pillows. A few super soft blankets folded over the back or on the arm. There's an otoman made of rose gold metal and wood, when she opens it she finds even more blankets. A round coffee table takes up the center of the room, stacking coasters placed on one side and the remotes are next to them. In front of the window is a cat tower, so the cats can look outside. The TV is mounted to the wall across from that and a few chairs are placed on one side, blocking the living room from the kitchen. 

The kitchen is softer, a gentle pale blue color with white walls and counters. A breakfast bar on one side and water and food already set up against the wall for the cats. The wood floors have been lined with anti-fatigue mats which pulls a smile to her face. The stools at the bar are shorter, with backs and cushions for comfort. The equipment all looks very nice and shes quite happy to see they got the kettle and coffee maker she requested. Everything is in shades of pastels- teal, sky blue, and mint green are the most prevalent. But rose gold and lavender add small accents here and there, She goes through the cupboards, smiling at the organized plates and mugs. Pulling a mug out she moves to start a pot of tea before going to look at the other rooms. 

The guest room is simple, white walls and hardwood floors with light neutral tones. A few candles placed around the bed and an extra desk set up by the window. There's another cat tree- although shorter than the one in the living room. The attached bathroom is the same sterile white with soft blues accenting it. She nods and walks across to the office across the hall. One wall is a dark purple, the others a soft silver grey. Her desk is set up on one wall, a small couch in the other corner, and assorted cat toys and beds are set up around the room. Her cats have already claimed their spots around the room, lounging in comfort which pulls a small smile from her lips. 

The last room she checks out is her bedroom, one wall painted to look like the night sky, the others a soft purple grey. Her bed is pressed up against the starry wall, a round table on one side with a night lamp and alarm clock already set up. There's also a place for her glasses and an extension cable set up. The carpet in the room is plush and soft, a gentle grey color. Her bedding is in mint and lavender, and a small rolling bed table is set in the corner. The ceiling light looks like a chandelier made of stars. Her closet has the bags placed in front of it, and the other door opens to a glorious bathroom. A shower and separate bathtub, blues and whites and soft wood making up all the accents. It reminds her of a spa, and her bathing items have already been set up in a standing shelf next to the tub. She smiles and nods, giving a soft yawn and going to get her mug of tea. 

It was well set up, but she still had things to put away, and as much as she would like to, she can’t sleep just yet. With a gentle pet to the middle cat she moves back to her room, setting her tea down and moving to get to work. 


The first time she notices there is something odd about her apartment is when she sees the group of girls gathered outside the building across the street. A small frown crosses her face as she carries a bag from the grocery store and heads inside, wondering if there's some sort of pop up event happening… or a food truck? But she dismisses it. But after seeing the group still outside a few days later she begins to suspect something else. Her suspicions are confirmed when she comes back from looking around the city one day to shouts and a dog racing towards her. 

“ViVi! ViVi!” 

“Toben! Toben stop!” Aryn looks down in time to see the two small dogs racing to her. Bending down she grabs the leashes and holds the dogs steady. Pulling them away from the door with a sigh and shake of her head. She looks up at the sound of racing footsteps, taking a breath before calling out. 

“It’s ok! I grabbed their leashes.” She pulls the dogs over to the stairs, frowning down at them because she is fairly certain she recognizes them. Sure enough soon a couple of tall men are hurrying down the last flight of stairs and Aryn has to hold in a groan. 

Of course. Of course her friends would get her an apartment that housed idols. She gives a small bow to the two men, passing over the leashes when they come closer. Holding her breath and refraining from

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