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Everyone loves a good hero, and with that comes a strong villain. However, nothing is black and white, and they always have their reasons for their actions and feelings. This contest centers on that, bringing out the good and bad in both. Come join and create your characters, enjoying the complexity that is human nature.


The beautiful poster and background were made by Nolza. Her work is always gorgeous and precise. 




1: Main character must be either a "hero or villain", so could even just be a really good person or a horrible person, without needing to do anything spectacular to save someone's life or fight against the good guys. Just remember that nothing is black and white, so be sure to make them realistic. 

2: Must be written after February 15, 2015, so that gives a five-year span. This also includes stories I've read before, as long as they have never won one of my contests. Also, you may enter as many times as you like. 

3: , Yuri, Hetero or No-Ship are all accepted, but no M-Preg or Gender-Bender. Also, all story genres are accepted, including vampires and werewolves, as long as they aren't generic. Please something different with them. Also, I am NOT accepting OC stories this time, so please keep that in mind. 

4: Use at least one group from the list, but you may ship them with whomever you please.

5: Subscribe to the contest and stay subbed. Upvotes are optional, but appreciated.

6: Be nice to everyone, including in comments. This is to be fun for everyone.

7: Stories must not exceed 30 chapters or 5,000 words per chapter. This includes one shots.

9: I have a password this time, which must be put on the entry form: DAISY

10: Have fun writing! The deadline is February 15th, 2021, one year after the opening date!

Prizes and Groups have been updated, so check them out! Thanks♡.


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Chapter 31: :OOO thank you!! i'm glad you enjoyed my story!!!
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Chapter 27: I can't wait to what this one is about. The title sounds like it will be good.
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