best mistake (blind for you)

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The one, the one. 

For Hyukjae and Donghae, their love story functions by dysfunctionality. Donghae decides that he is ill-fated then. Because no matter what, Hyukjae is the one. And if Hyukjae isn’t the one, he is the best mistake he’s ever had. 


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Length: Oneshot



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Chapter 1: This is heartbreakingly beautiful 😢 but I love that even though it’s hard, their love for each other is enough to hold them together. Thank you for this amazing story!
Chapter 1: Lucky are those who have found their compatible one bc no matter how much you love someone, if both of you have different mentality, it will be difficult to make the relationship work. And here’s what is happening to Hyuk and Hae. 🥺
Chapter 1: Ohhhh i'm cyring like a river right now after I read this one.
This is so good and it shows the sad part of relationship really well.
I'm so relieved that Hyukjae said sorry first this time and so proud that Donghae was willing to be with Hyukjae for eternity despite all the hurt and sadness in their relationship.
I just want to say that I really adore their relationship where they are willing to fight until the end.
Chapter 1: Ohw I thought that when Hyukjae came home they were gonna have an argument but Im glad that wasn't the case-- I loved it, even if it was pretty sad ;; Is pretty relatable, especially for those who at some point had relationship, so kudos for managing to succeed on your purpose, you nailed it!
Beside, the most beautiful thing in stories is that, unlike reality, they can have the certainty to be loyal and really in love with each other for days to come.
Thank you for sharing this with you, really~!
tabi_suju #5
Chapter 1: What a realistic outlook on life and relationships!
Chapter 1: aaahhh it's sadly beautiful and I'm aching for their love, but at least they're going to try and fix their problem :"')))) thank you for sharing this story
Chapter 1: Thank you for writing it ?
Chapter 1: Love doesn't always seem pretty :(
It hurts me to read Hyukjae's line where he begs Donghae not to leave him. I feel tht experience once n somehow i dont know why but i feel like my pride is crushed. But i dont want to let him go, but i dont want to be looked as weak too. Yet i have shown it and I regret it. Should i feel regret? Does tht mean my love isn't strong?
Im confused ==
Chapter 1: You've got to use the eunhae tags too your fic is too nicely written to have not been discovered :(