beautiful accident

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When a beautiful accident named Zhang Yixing makes his way into his life, Kim Junmyeon finds himself seeking more than the dull existence he's only ever known. 


That’s what friendship is, isn’t it?  It’s giving up your mandu at lunch, even though they’re your favorite side dish.  It’s getting excited when they’re excited, secretly looking up translations of their favorite songs, just so you’ll understand them better, and how a single eye smile from them seems to turn your entire day around.


When does Junmyeon realize that he’s in love with Yixing?


Maybe it’s one moment, or maybe it’s a thousand moments.

Main Pairing: Sulay

Side Pairings: Taoris, Chanbaek, Kaisoo, Hunhan, Xiuchen

Length: Twoshot 


hello friends! this is my first story here on aff. i hope you'll enjoy this quality content featuring sulay (because we all need some more sulay in our lives)
thank you!


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