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okay, bet!
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+ about us
looking for a home? we were, too, so we decided to build one of our own! okay, bet! is a twitter-based 19+ agency— warm, comfortable and A PERFECT PLACE FOR YOU TO FEEL COZY. we strive on bringing you a place for everyone to consider home. welcome to okay, bet!
+ updates
pre-reservations are now open. see you on the 9th!
+ est. 09112019
+ accepting pre-app
+ guidelines
001. stay active, inactivity for 48 hours will lead to unverification.
002. no cliques, facechasing, otpchasing or selective replies. we're here to all make friends.
003. you can ask base for a hiatus for a maximum of one week, or a semi hiatus for two weeks.
004. we are a closed roleplay, no interacting with outsiders. 
005. we allow up to 3 temporary character changes a week and character changes once every 2 weeks. pssword: write a name starting with the second letter of the aff username below your comment.
006. dating ban of three days, move-ins are welcome— so are all orientations! make sure to comment if you are a move-in couple. 
007. though we are 19+, we are not necessarily a smvt roleplay. timeline is thus unrated. make sure not to clog tl with retweets.
008. certain faceclaims are banned, we trust you know who they are!
009. reach 50 tweets within 24 hours of your arrival. failure to do so will result in unverification.
+ how to join
001. subscribe for updates. upvotes are appreciated! 
002. comment with your fc, group, timezone and password. fc must be of age. you may reserve for up to two friends.
003. your reservation lasts for 24 hours. username format is @bet__ or @__bet (i.e. @betsoojung or @jinsoulbet), initials are not accepted in the name format. include 'bet' somewhere on your profile.
004. follow base account and make sure to add all members, once you have done so, mention base. if you are not accepted within 10 minutes, you may interact.
005. lastly, have fun!
+ masterlist
ateezsan. mingi. seonghwa. hongjoong.
blackpink. jennie. rose. jisoo.
*bts. jeongguk. taehyung. namjoonseokjin. jimin. hoseok. 
cix. jinyoung.
clc. yeeun.
dia. chaeyeon. jueun
exid. hani.
everglow. mia
exo. kai. baekhyun.  
got-7. jinyoung.
hinapia. eunwoo. gyeongwon. minkyung.
iz*one. eunbi. sakura. hyewon.
nct. ten. jaemin. winwin. doyoung. mark.  
red velvet. irene. joy.
seventeenjoshua. seokmin. vernon.
stray kids
tbz. juyeon. chanhee. sunwoo.
twice. mina. sana. nayeon. tzuyu. 
txt. yeonjun
x1. seungyeon. yohan.
soloist chungha
+ wishlist
name. wishes.
name. wishes.
+ couples
name & name.
name & name.
the password is in the rules! make sure to read them carefully. <3
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