Meeting Again


Sakura was wandering around but suddenly, she was taken by her feet to a white castle-like place, altar in front of her eyes.


If you didn't get a happy ending, make your own. :')

Wrote it after reading the twitter AU Cabbie

Just a random one shot :'D


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Chapter 1: Wow
Chapter 1: I just read this now I think I want to write an isekai kkuchaen because of that cabbie AU and this.

This is so wonderful that Im crying over it.
lilykizaki #3
Chapter 1: wha. I love this so much uwu
1747 streak #4
Chapter 1: this was awesome! to meet again before they walk their way to a new life with a promise!!
maomao88 #5
Chapter 1: Wahhh, death and reincarnation
Chapter 1: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1419153/1'>Eternal Vows</a></span>
Wow... I'm speechless.. It's heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time very satisfying... Thanks author ^_^
what is this T______T
Lunar-Moonstar #8
Chapter 1: Thank you for writing this, it was marvelously beautiful and oddly peaceful. I'm really glad i read it.
sclocksmith #9
Chapter 1: You don't need to make me cry in early morning :(
Chapter 1: T-this.... this is painfully beautiful :'D *uglycrying