Our Beautiful Escape


She lived a life full of happiness but in a snap, everything was taken from her.

Maybe it was time to leave, time to end everything.

But a hand so warm held hers.

"Come with me."

And so they went somewhere... 

Somewhere far away...

Towards their own universe.


A story inspired by AJ Rafael's song, Beautiful Escape.

I recommend listening to the song <3


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Chapter 1: I really love this story😭😭 2kim💚🤍
Chapter 1: aw love has its way and 2kim found theirs <3
exquisitemyoui #3
Chapter 1: Luv the title and how things escalated (quicklyㅋㅋ) in a beautiful way :') Thank you for writing!
1750 streak #4
Chapter 1: So beautiful, they found love in the most unexpected ways!!! <3
Chapter 1: It's so beautiful, how they comfort each other ;) Thank you for this beautiful story author nim.