The Blind Woman and Medusa

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Ahn Hyejin was cursed to turn people to stone with a simple look.  Jung Wheein was the blind daughter to a family of bakers who just so happens to stumble upon the home of the most feared woman.  What does fate have in plan for these two once they have crossed path?


Heyy, so this will be my first MAMAMOO fanfic that I have written and I haven’t written anything in like a year so forgive me if there will be grammar mistakes or odd wordings. This is gonna be like a three chapter series (I don’t know how long it will actually be but definitely not too long, this is more of a practice for me ig?).  Also some of you probably saw this au before from a drawing on twitter, I really like the au so I decided to write a wheesa fic about it.  I hope you guys enjoy!

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