Queen of Hearts

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Joohyun is a well-known match-maker across the town. Alongside her loyal assistant, Seungwan, many had required for their services; from commoners to the nobles, all seek for her in finding he or she a matching pair befitting of their preferences. But never had she thought that one day, the King himself hired her to find a match for his sole daughter – Princess Seulgi and a deadline was given. But the Princess is one who finds love a foreign feeling. Plus, she is sceptic on the matchmaker’s talent in making two strangers fall for each other. Will Joohyun succeed with this task in time?


  1. This fic is heavily inspired by a movie I watched last year (?) or last two years I'm not sure. But the movie was a modern royal romance whilst this fic is set on the medieval era, so there are some changes.

  2. Multi-chaptered fic with either five chapters I think. Also I'm actually  ¾ done with the writing of the story as a whole so I guess the updates for each chapter won't be long heheh 

  3. Each chapter would be rather short; and the story might be cringey at some point hshdhdsjf

  4. Sorry if this fic is lame. 

  5. I know I have another fic to update, but this one is like a filler where I just enjoy writing it...I guess. I dont know.

  6. It's also mostly Irene-centered.

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