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It wasn't uncommon for Miss Bae to receive one particular yellow, bear-shaped post-it note on top of her table everyday.





  • Kang Seulgi, a senior year in high school so she is 17 and going to 18 soon.

  • Miss Bae (Irene), a History teacher, aged 24.



  • I dunno if its weird writing a teacherxstudent au but I just wanted to test it out first.
  • I will not write any M-rated scenes until Seulgi reached her legal age, aka 18. (i dont think there will be any M-rated scenes because i at that
  • The POV will switch in each chapter.
  • I plan to have 4 -5 chapters (?) only. (we'll see how it goes)


Much thanks and love to @seulhands for the adorable poster <3


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