Royal Invitation


Who would've thought that me, a lowly E class girl, would be invited to part take in the Royal Selection? A competition in which only 10 girls are chosen to participate? 

What if I become selected to become Princess?

And to be honest, I didnt want to participate in such a vile way of toying with the hearts of young women. Not to mention that it's a way for the Royal Family to turn the focus away from serious societal and political issues. 

But yet here I am, inside the Royal Palace, vying for the heart of Prince Park Woojin. How did I come to this point? 



Our society is divided into classes:

Class A is the Royal Family

Class B is made up of elites that are involved in the government

Class C consists of those who have prestigious skills and jobs in areas such as medicine, science, architecture, and engineering.

Class D members are business owners and land owners

Class E members are those who possess skills in the arts such as dance, singing, music, and painting 

Class F members are those blue collar workers: factory workers, waitresses, cooks, manual labor workers, famers



Hi everyone,

This story is inspired by one of my favorite books, "The Selection" by Kiera Cass! 

And it'll feature my group of current obsession, AB6IX! Some members from Wanna One may also make an appearance (: 


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Chamsaes #1
Chapter 5: helo;) just found out abt yr amazing stories. I really expect an updates for this story
nyakoneko #2
Chapter 4: So far its really good story :)