Lucas was a soldier from the country of Geoss that was reassigned to Alleris after being injured. Unable to fight, he was put under the supervison of his older sibling, Lieutenant Wong, who is stationed in Alleris.

The more Lucas stayed in Alleris, the more he discovered the dangers of affiliating with the Corvo family.


After a decade-long war, the country of Alleris rose into victor as the head of the ten countries. With the governance of the Corvo family, Alleris became the most prominent country gifted with intelligence and resources. The people of Alleris became the richest among others. Geoss, the country next to Alleris, made truce to the latter for survival. Although second to none in terms of military strength, Geoss did not have enough resources for their people. Geoss would offer Alleris military support in exchange for resources and weapons. Thus, the contract between Alleris and Geoss became the most powerful alliance throughout the ten countries.

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