Part 3 of the Imugi series.

Following the events of Dragonfall, the girls relocate to Incheon to rest and recuperate from their last adventure. Peace, however, is simply an illusion over a brewing storm of conflict and lies. Powers greater than them are moving towards their own objectives, and the past will come back to haunt more than one of the girls. Will they survive unscathed in the coming storm?


This is part 3 of the Imugi series. Can be read as a standalone, but recommended to read the previous works to better understand what is going on.


Part 1 - Imugi: Shadow Rising

Part 2 - Imugi: Dragonfall

Part 3 - Bloodlines


Imugi Archives are side stories set in the same universe, useful to read, with additional character development/moments that don't fit into the main stories. 

I hope everyone will enjoy the new entry to the series!

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