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Sometimes, all they need is a little push.





I don't know what to say...just check it out. Inspired by: Sua and Yoohyeon's cover of Charlie Puth's Attention. Credits to the owner of the photos, I'm sorry I didn't got permission. All credits to you...




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Chapter 1: This was great and made my night better, thanks for sharing
Chapter 1: That was great ! And I love Suayeon and Jiyoo differences lmao, one hot like fire and the other sweet as a candy XD

And Dadong are so cute pls T^T
Chapter 1: Pretty amazing, I love this! Thank you so much for your effort and for sharing x3!
Chapter 1: Siyeon...she's killing me in these days and sua too ...reading this oneshot didn't help xD damn and jiyoo are the cutest (my jiyoo heaet is happy) , thank you so much for this story :D
Chapter 1: Poor Dami lol
great shot and accurate af ^^b tks for this!
WeAreOne1001 #6
Chapter 1: hot suyeon and soft jiyoo we love we love we love
Dreamers7 #7
I can 't wait for other dreamcatcher story from you. I really like this story so much ??
Chapter 1: I can't stop grinning after i read that fic X) i really like this<3
azynzn #9
Chapter 1: That was so cute. Jealous suyoo totally made my day less tiring.
frenzymenzy #10
Chapter 1: Awww you're back with another Suayeon and Jiyoo story!!!!!!I really love this storyline !It fits Suayeon and Jiyoo really well especially Siyeon and Jiu's character..And of course Suayeon has to be the one thats so full of kisses and makeouts while Jiyoo has the sweetest and the most shy relationship XD