There She Goes Again

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Irene worked hard. It was no mistake when her name was often used when the news broke out--potential breadwinners spread like a wild-fire throughout the office. Everyone hated her and Irene couldn't help but feel proud. Her smile was swelled with pride and her friends were already congratulating her for recieving the promotion... until Wendy ruins everything.


hello. i'm finally back from a longass hiatus... hopefully i can finish this fic. i'm still trying to improve my english! i hope you'll look forward for this fic<3



The story generally revolves around Irene's perspective. Haughty, pretentious, and cold. The long awaited list of names are about to come out, and she's so ready to crack the champagne when she gets called into the office. Instead, she hears nothing except for Wendy's name, an intern she was in charge of a few months prior. Jealous, she wants to find every way to sabotage Wendy's life at the office. 


Irene needs that position.

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