Chapter 1 (prologue)

There She Goes Again
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  "Irene, don't you think you're overdoing all of this?"

Suho was sitting on the edge of her desk, while swinging his crossed legs out of boredom. It was nine in the afternoon, what the hell was she doing at this time? Work. Suho was lured there by the possibility that Irene might pay for their next date. Even better: the idea of spending time together. It was very unlikely to find Irene out of her small cubicle. She was always either huddled in, her shoulders towering the stack of papers, or running back and forth from the copy machine.


The lack of response gained another groan from Suho. Jumping off, he packs up, grabbing his coat and manila folders, tucking them under his arms. The sound of clicks and sighs were still audible in the now empty office. It was no surprise to him, but he really did treasure his time with Irene. It was only until recently, probably around nine months ago, when Irene started digging herself in the piles of paperwork. Taehyung, a coworker of theirs; a man with good timing but awful stories, had already left, too.


And by the time Irene was finished, Suho was already nodding off from exhaustion.


  "Don't wait for me today."


He pouted again, as he helplessly followed her like a lost dog, pleading once more until Irene halts in her steps. 


  "I get it, Irene. I know you're trying to get that position, but you're already doing more than enough."


  "I'm not. By the way, did you read the emails I sent you this morning? Get back to me soon." Irene bites the inside of her cheeks before running off, Suho lagging behind.


  "Irene. I'm RIGHT here," He pointed at himself, raising his voice to a hushed whisper. —You can just tell me what you sent!"


Irene sighed. He wasn't the only one tired. 


She neatly organizes her heap of papers, the pens she just used, and her notes before tidying her clothes. She grabbed her cardigan and as she slipped her arms through the sleeves, she couldn't help to feel accomplished. Her time and effort went into every recommendation, e-mail, phone call; you name it. But it was today that could possibly land her a new position, one that payed much more.


The staff had already left. Floors had been vacuumed, and here she is, trying to drag Suho's body from the chair. 


  "Suho..." She gave him a small shake. "Suho." She shook his shoulders again. Only this time, his whole body was flailing under her hands. Only when she began to yell in combination with frantic shaking, did he awake from his slumber.


He stretched, yawning rather loudly. Frowning, she gave him a small kick in the shin. 


  "Suho. I don't have the time for this. Let's go home. Please..."


In the middle of his stretch, he shoots her the laziest, most irritating smile ever, earning a smack from Irene. 


  "Ow- Why are you so violent?"




  "Yeah, yeah. Go on ahead, I'll meet you in the car." 


Irene grabbed the rest of her papers and headed towards the elevators. It was a quiet walk down there. The elevators sounded louder than they did during the day. A few staff members were still around, but she was too focused on the papers in her hand, not sparing a single bit of attention to the couple of them who greeted her. 


( Perhaps they didn't know her. )


She inhaled a calculated breath: What could Irene possibly do? She was an overworked secretary for a no good, lazy, and demanding boss who doesn't seem to know what she's doing. At this point of time, everyone has expected her to be fired off of her position. She thought, quite honestly, that she herself could take that position and do so much better.


( The same goes for every other position in Voisaont. 


And everyone knows it. )


What more could you possibly want in a secretary? As long as they do their job, they're good. And Irene did so much more than that. It was necessary, she thought. She requested (several times) for a promotion. Bless Taehyung for getting ranked as the best manager in the office. Soon enough, probably a week after she begged Taehyung for a recommendation, news broke out that a few of them would be receiving promotions and demotions. She already had guesses who the possible employees would be:


Johnny. On the last promotion period, Irene tried to delete his powerpoint presentations. But bless him for being a hardworking angel and remembering to make a backup copy, which he saved in his hard drive the night before. 

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