My Hidden Reality. { Itzy ryujin & Stray Kids}

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Hello My name is Rian , Kang Rian from ARK Highschool. And here is my life story i am an 18 years old high school student but you could say my life is more complicates than others in my age. I have people watching me all the time, in school, outside even in home you could say everywhere expect bathroom due to my dad being a politician. At one point of my life i found myself always running away.



Characters :-


Ryujin as Kang Rian


Hwang Hyunjin


Yang Jeongin (I.N)


Bang Chan

So everyone at first Rian’s character was g-idle’s minnie but i saw some fanmade pictures about ryujin and hyunjin and i just wanted to change it so bad! Hope you enjoy it!
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