Mr.Non {starring Kim Chaewon- Vernon- joshua}


Nothing even started.. We weren't even bestfriend he was just a TroubleMaker to me, but I realized after he left that he was on the list of the ones I wanted to last in my future as a good friend 

He was the first friend to hide his truth from everyone and making me be the first one to seek in and show his true side.

He left Korea once again and I wish we all could turn back times to the time we were in high school and we would fight everyday

mom said he became a rapper. 

I am now 20 years old I am studying fashion just like my mom. I have always had interest in fashion so I decided to just go for it.

Joshua succeeds in the survival program and now... he is in the top however our friendship is not like the past because of his career. I am still proud of him, of the little 7 years old boy who told me he wanted to be an idol

Since Hyemi wasn't that good in studying she is a make up artist. The job she was the best in.

The only one I hang out with is Mingyu those days, he joined a company as an actor and he would debut as an actor next month in movie called -The time we were happy- he first started modeling when he was a trainer in his company but now he will debut! I am sure he will success since he have face, talent, personality, and there is no way he wont be on the top.

It's confused that the ones I was friends with the most are not around me anymore and the one who was just a transferred student is now my best friend?


This Story is based on my own ideas. Any similarities to other stories is coincidental.

I am really sorry for any grammar errors, spell errors and so.. 

i hope you like the story since it's my first fan fiction starring Chaewon ? 

Thanks for those who have interest in the story ^^
I want to ask is the story bad? Because i aint getting any reaction for the story :/ please give me your advice and ideas
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