With You



The Second Sight - a natural gift that about less than half of the Wizards' population received at their birth. Byun Baekhyun, son of the famous Byun's household, is one of these privileged persons. The boy starts a new school's year and begins his sixth year at Hogwarts. Alongside his studies and student's life, Baekhyun will face some twists and turns, that will make him leave his daily routine.



Hi everyone, this is my first time publishing stories... I'm really nervous since English is not my first language (I'm French by the way), there might be some mistakes! Don't hesitate to tell me if there are mistakes, I will learn from it! I really want this story to be something literary, something you can read in novels, so I'm working very hard on it.

There will be some clichés in this story, some fluff or angst moments! 

Also, some chapters' titles are inspired by EXO lyrics!

Hope you will like it! 

Hey guys! The third chapter is finally ouuut! Can't wait to publish the next chapter, you will like it.~ #fluffspoiler
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