Hedgehog Day

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At the end of every hour, an unknown explosion tears through Red Velvet's apartment, killing every one inside. Only for time to loop back and bring the five back to life, just to die again when the hour is up. Kim Yerim is the only one with awareness and memory of the time loops, so it's up to her to save her unnies in this Groundhog day and Legends of Tomorrow AU, set in the Peekaboo and RBB universe.


Hey you and thanks for stopping by to give this fic a chance!

Mostly I lurk on around these parts, but it's been 4 years since I've written for fun, so I thought I'll give fanfic-writing another shot. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! This is a story adapted from an episode from the CW's Legends of Tomorrow (make a guess which one) that is in turn based on the premise of Groundhog Day. There might not be a huge overlap between Reveluvs and LoT viewers, but I'll do my best to give enough contextual details along the way. For now, enjoy an excerpt from chapter 1!

“Stupid cabbage and her stupid obsession with rules,” I cursed under my breath. Not that Irene could hear me from afar with her elderly ears. Packing up the defective candles back into the box they came from—remind me to send a strongly worded letter to the manufacturer—a stream of molten wax just had to spill over, scalding me along my palm. I let rip an inhuman shriek from the burning pain, better inhuman than make a contribution to our overflowing swear jar. Let’s not buy Joy another canine child from the proceeds.

But as I was squealing like a dying animal, a much louder explosion could be heard erupting from the house. Before I could comprehend the disaster that was unfolding, a concussive force tore through the door (and the walls), bringing the whole apartment down in a blazing ball of fire.

“Do not. Turn this on me,” seethed Irene in a dangerously low voice that rattled with rage, again. I glanced around at the unnies in utter disbelief. How could there still be an Irene to turn this on to after the explosion that killed us all? Nobody, magical or otherwise, could survive an explosion that large. I heard the blast and saw the damage, yet everyone is standing exactly where they were before, doing exactly what they did before I was sent to fix the candles. I know what déjà vu is, and I know it certainly doesn’t happen after death.

“If you want to prove yourself a meaningful member of this group, then fix your -up with Taeyeon-unnie before the end of today… Yeri are you listening to me? Pay attention when I’m lecturing you for your own good!”

“Unnie, the swear jar–”

“Shut up Seulgi. And someone quickly prepare a first-aid kit. This house is a ing nightmare,” Irene let out an exasperated huff, flinging her beret onto the floor before adjourning to the infirmary. Everyone was acting normal; none of them felt anything out of the ordinary.

Well since everyone else is oblivious, I now have every freedom to ask: what the is going on here?

Hope you're enjoying Joy and the coarse language that comes with Joy. As you might've noticed, I use the metric system (metres and deg C) so don't try Joy's recipe at home. In fact, just do the exact opposite and your cupcakes should be fine (trust me, I bake)
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