The Right Thing To Do [Hiatus]


Members of two top boy bands who were in love with each other but had no way out of the web of stereotypes and hypocrites.


But love always has answers. And so did they.


They chose the right thing to do.


“The world might take it as a sin but no one other than we two need to know whether it is right or wrong. He thinks it is right and so do I and there is nothing else I need to know or have.”



“Is it tiring?” They asked.

I wanted to laugh. Tiring? They have no idea.

“Was that supposed to be a question?” He answered, laughing dryly. He oozed confidence even when he sat in front of some hundreds of people with cameras and notepads in their hands, pointing their mic at us.

“Ne?” They got confused.

“Imagine maintaining fake peace with the world and at the same time trying not to hurt the person you love.” He sighed. “I haven't had a peaceful sleep for how long, I don't even remember.”

Everyone went silent. Not even the sound of flashing cameras was heard any longer. It was as if everyone was scared to make any noise. His presence itself was so dominant that it seemed like everyone almost quivered in fear to say a single word, me included.

“Imagine going to bed every night thinking, will we be able to say it? To the people who love us? In front of those people who are out there eagerly waiting to find every single chance to pull us down? Thinking everyday, how to protect him, how to protect us? Imagine going through the pain of hiding it for so long.” He glared at the woman who mocked me just a while ago. “Now you tell me, ma'am. Is it tiring?” He turned to the lady who asked the question.

She looked down in shame.

“But, what about all the fans who are outraged? You lost so many fans. Aren't you at a loss for swinging the other way?” The man at the right asked. "And because of your selfish choices, you are going to bring the whole group down. All the glory will be coming down."

All this was so surreal, it wasn't planned. All this made me want to crawl back to our apartment and cuddle in our bed with Vivi, Monsieur, Gureum and Bam playing around. I wanted to go back to our little heaven.

I was scared and at the same time so outraged.

Swinging the other way? The audacity people have to say such things.

“We lost fans? I don't think so. It's just the toxic people who finally left our fandom.” Again, he answered. “And swinging the other way? Well, can you enlighten me about the right way to swing?” He clearly ignored the last part which was very much directed to me.

“Why are you answering when I am clearly directing the questions to your male partner?" The AUDACITY he has to say such mean things! "Is he that weak? Must be the bottom in your relationship,” He smirked as if he hit the bull's eye.

Just how do these people exist in this world?!

I wanted to do both, run away and punch him on the face at the same time. This is getting out of hand now! From when did such unprofessional reporters were allowed in press conferences?! The companies did nothing to filter the questions?

“I am answering for my partner not because he is weak, but because I am trying to protect your respect in society. Cuz if he opens his mouth to answer, your unprofessional questions, you will die out of shame.” He said with a smirk.

Few people giggled at the back.

My man is savage. And knew how to make me smile. He just knew how to assure me that he is there, even if hundreds are looking at us. It was his way of saying that even if I go wild, he will take care. His way of saying, that even if I am feeling vvulnerable and scared at the moment, he won't let some scoundrel bring down my immage.

“I couldn't care less about you, but I don't want my man to even have a conversation with the likes of you.” He continued.

The moment those words left his mouth I couldn't stop myself from turning to look at him. I couldn't help but blush as he just claimed me to be his, right in front of the world. He usually is not this open and is very private about us. But him being so open and explicitly calling me his was something very new.

Way to go, sunbae.

“And him being bottom, why are you curious? Is it that you had an eye on him or is it that you want to try bottom?” He sniggered.

Suddenly the room was filled with laughter. Almost all our staff looked at him with a proud smile.

Ae big smile crept its way to my face and even if I tried, I knew I cannot stop it. God, can he get any hotter?

"Sehun-ssi!" We heard a shout from the back benches.

Both of us looked at the spot where a young lady stood on her chair with the help of a very brightly smiling camera man.

“I. Ship. You. Guys!” She shouted again. “Hail to Sekook!”

This time hyung laughed out loudly. Even I let myself lose and laughed along with him.

“I ship it too,” hyung said into the mic, looking at me with a tender smile.

I bet my whole face was red by now, but I couldn't care less.

I smiled back.

This was, indeed, the right thing to do.

I absolutely love EXO and BTS. I know usually people go exclusively to EXO or BTS, but I love them. BOTH of them.

I have been waiting for a collaboration between these two bands forever. But, I know it won't happen. I pray that one day it will come true.

Either way I hope this story is up to your taste.

Thank you!


Credits for the wonderful cover to: Moneylovefashionfame

Thank you sooo much!!


Disclaimer: This is a nothing but fiction. Characters in this story do not portray or indicate their personalities in real life. You might come across some scenes/concepts which you might find similar to already published works/novels/movies. And I am betting, you will. LOL! But that is absolutely not intended. It is because of all those months where I didn't write a single sentence and binge read all types of things like fanfics, novels, journals, and blah blah blah. So definitely, I will get influenced.

Anyway, as I am writing something based on real people, so let me also make this clear, this only and only for entertainment purpose~ So no hate to anyone :))

And the most IMPORTANT thing, factual stuff written here may not exactly match with real time but don't come at me, I am not very into any group or person on this revolving Earth that I would know when which person (here, member of the groups) brought which car or house and stuff. So please go easy on me about that. 

Copyrights: This book apparently belongs to me, meh. Hee hee. I hope you guys wont use this somewhere else... in plane words please don't do plagiarism. ;)



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