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Dara arrived in front of the Kwon mansion eight in the morning. She still felt a very drowsy because she couldn't sleep last night. She make sure that she wear a contact to cover the true color of her eyes, and her long wavy auburn hair was dye in black. She paid the taxi and pulled out her luggage from the compartment then she made her way at the gate. 


The mansion is huge with more or less twelve feet concrete wall surrounding it. And she can see a lot of surveillance camera's around.


She pressed the buzzer and waited.


"Who's you're looking for miss?" A voice sounded at the speaker that was attach at the wall.


"I'm Sandy Park. I'm the new servant that Mr. Kwon hired." She answered. The small door of the gate open and a guard motioned her to come in. 


"Follow me." The guard said, and lead her at the side of the mansion and they entered at the door near the kitchen. The guard lead her down the hall then he stop in front of the door. He knock three times and the door quickly open.


"Harold, the new servant." The guard said then left me standing in front of the man, who was looking at her from head to toe.


"Come inside." He said and step aside to give way for her. Dara step inside pulling her luggage with her.


"I'm Harold, and I am the butler of Kwon family." He introduce himself. 


"Nice to meet you sir Harold. My name is Sandy."


"Okay Sandy. Since this is your first day here. I want to brief you about the dos and don't inside the Kwon mansion.


1. Don't go to the room that has an X mark outside the door. 

2. Don't go at the right wing of the mansion. All servants are not allowed to go there.

3. What you see and hear inside the mansion stay inside the mansion.

4. Since your work is a personal servant of young master, you should always  be ready if he needs you. He don't want to wait, or you'll be screamed if you're late. You should wake him up every morning around eight and just clean his room when he was not around.  You get all the things I said?"


"Yes sir." 


"Okay, I don't want a lazy servant. Come I'll bring you to your room, then  change your clothes and wear your uniform. Young master will wake up soon and he will need your assistance. 


"Okay sir." Dara answered and followed him. He lead her  at the elevator and pressed the fourth floor. When the elevator open they quickly stepped out and they walked down the hallway.


"You see that two double door at the end of the hallway? That's young master bedroom and your room is beside him so that you can assist him as soon as he need you. Harold open the door beside Jiyong room and Dara eyes widen at the beautiful room in front of her.


"This is your room. Actually this is a guest room but Mr. Kwon wanted that his son personal servant is near his room. Now hurry wear your uniform. It was already hang inside your closet, and just wait for his call. The intercom is over there. Good luck." He said and left.


Dara hurriedly change her clothes with her servant uniform. It was a black button down dress with white collar that reach below her knee."


"This uniform look nice." She thought then braid her waist long hair and tie it in a bun. When she was done. She sat at the edge of her bed, but ended up lying above it when she felt how soft it is and she fall asleep with out her knowing.




Dara bolted up from her bed disoriented when she heard a screaming just out side her room and she gasped.


"Oh my god. I fall asleep. What time it is now?" She gasped when she saw that it was already ten. She fall asleep for one and a half hours. She hurriedly run out the door, but she fell down when something hard hit her forehead, and instantly black spot covered her vision.


"Sandy!! The last word she heard before darkness consumed her. She don't know how long she was out maybe just a few second because she can still hear the screaming.


"What have you done." She heard someone screamed. Dara slowly open her eyes, and Harold worried face greeted her.


"Are you alright?" He asked and help her to stand up. She saw a broken glass near her and she guess that's the hard thing that hit her.


"I've been calling for almost two hours now but no one come. What do you think I'm going to feel dad? My shoulder hurt because of screaming at the damn intercom but no one come." Dara bite her lower lips and feel her forehead and she wince when she touch the big bump on it.


"Come you need to go to the infirmary." Harold told her but Dara shook her head. 


"I'm fine sir. I'm so sorry it was my fault. I fall asleep. I just apologize to young master."


"No, don't go near him right now because he was furious. He might say something you won't like or he'll throw something at you." Harold told her.


"Its okay. I'll accept it because I was wrong." She said and made her way to the open door of Jiyong's room.


"I'm sorry young master. Its my fault I__ but he cut her off.


"Its your fault? Of course it your fault

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