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"Wait!" Jiyong called out and tried to followed her, but Dara quickly block his way. 


"You, and your friend need to leave now. Just come back some other time to talk to her. She won't talk to you even if you followed her. And its not safe for you if those people is after you." Dara said. 




"I promise that when you come back you'll get the answer that you want from her. Just not now because its very dangerous. Go GD." She almost wrapped her hand around him when he saw his glassy eyes. He was now looking straight to her eyes, and his gray eyes that she saw in her dream always  staring back at her sadly.


"You have the same eyes color with her." He murmured." Dara quickly lower her eyes heart pounding inside her chest.


"We need to really leave now GD." Seunghyun voice out when another gun shot was heard. Jiyong talk a deep breath and took a step away from Dara.


"I'll come back." He said before he run out of the door followed by his cousins. Dara hurried pressed her earpiece.


"Protect the Kwon, make sure nothing bad happened to them." She commanded opening the drawer but Bom quickly yanked her hand away from it.


"No!! Bom sternly said.


"But Bom." She said almost in tears. 


"CL on the way and Minzy. Just stay." Bom said. Dara slumped on the couch and her tears that she was holding fell down on her face and a sobbed left her lips.


"He don't forgot me. He was searching for me. He never forget his promise. He don't forget me Bom." She sobbed.


"What your plan now? You want to tell him who you are?" Bom asked sitting beside her.


"I don't know. I'm scared."


"Scared of what? You scared that he don't felt the same with what you feel toward him? You scared that he don't love you?"


"Yes! What if he only felt guilty for living me there? What if he just doing this because of his promise or his conscience?"


"Dara can't you see how he pleaded CL? I'm sure if CL stay a bit longer, he will be on his knees soon just to get the answer that he wanted."


"I don't know Bom."


"Why not find it out yourself?" Bom asked grinning this time.




"Stay with him?"


"And how can I do that?"


"I heard the Kwon is lo

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