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Let's go clubbing." There's beautiful club two hours away from here." Seungri said looking at his cousins who was at the target range.


"Okay let's have fun." Youngbae answered and removed his gear followed by Seunghyun and Daesung.


"I'm not going. You guys can go. I just stay here." Jiyong answered and loaded his gun once again, and fired. Even though every shot he did, hit the target he never stop to trained everyday. His cousin sigh.


Its been ten years since it happened. Ten years since his eight years old wife was found dead. Ten years since the Park clan was destroyed by Kim and Lee. The whole clan was murdered and no one left. And the Southern part was divided by two, half now owned by Lee and the other half owned by Kim.


Jiyong don't believe that his little wife was dead. He believe she was just around hiding, even though he saw the body and he was present when her body was cremated.  He denied that it was her. But Mr. Kwon said that it was her because the clothes that she was wearing. But Jiyong strongly believe that it wasn't her. They don't know why, and until now he was searching of her secretly.


"Ji, you need to have some fun too sometime. Don't worry we're going avenge her death soon." Seunghyun said.


"How many times I told you that she wasn't dead." He screamed eyes full of fury. "I will find her. I promise her, that I will find her."


"Jiyong how long has it been since you start searching?  Ten long years Ji, but you find nothing because you are looking for a dead person." Seunghyun screamed back.


"Jiyong!!! His father thundering voice screamed when he pointed his gun to his cousing "What do you think you are doing?" His father screamed and snatch the gun from his hand.


"Its all your fault. I told you  that we need go back to get her but you knock me down. Its all you fault dad!!" He screamed tears now streaming down his face. "She's only eight years old but you left her in their alone. If you only let me go back there, I'm sure she's with us right now." He screamed and harshly wiped his tears.


"Or dead like her." His father screamed back. "You can't even stand properly that time. You almost crawling  when we found you bathing your own blood. How can you save her with those bullet wound in your body?  You almost died son. I almost lost you that day." Mr. Kwon screamed. He took a deep breath to calm himself before he face his son again. "You only meet her for few hour and you are so attach to her." His father scolded him.


"If you only see the fears in her eyes. If you only see her eyes. If you only see how hard she try to be strong and held her tears not to fall down. If you only see. Every night when I close my eyes I saw those gray eyes pleading, crying for help, to find her."




"Daddy, please, please find her. She's just out there." He begged crying.


"How did you know that it wasn't her. We don't even see her face. And Jiyong you see her lifeless body." Mr. Kwon said.


"It wasn't her."


"How do you know. You don't know how she look like son." Mr. Kwon said sadly.


"She has an auburn  hair and that girl has black."


"What? Why you didn't told me? And how did you know? She was properly covered when we meet them."


"I saw her hair. I removed her cap, and the dead body don't have my necklace. I give her my necklace the one that you thought I lost that day. I didn't lost it. I give it to her."


"Why you just told me all this things?" Mr. Kwon said fist balled beside him.


"I don't trust some of our members before, and my instinct is right because we found out that your right hand was the one who leak the information that day."


"Okay! You have a permission to search her." Mr. Kwon finally give in. "Choose whoever you want to go with you, but be careful, I know you heard the news about an assassin who was killing some members of Kim and Lee Clan. No one knows who's controlling that assassin, but they said he was very skilled that even five men had no much to him.


"We heard about him uncle. They called him black panther, because they said he moved like a panther and always wearing all black and only come out at night." Seunghyun said.


"Don't worry dad, I will and I can protect myself." Jiyong explain.


"I know, but still you need to be careful. The Lee and Kim are on our tail. They want us after the Park."


"Okay dad. I'll be careful. The Lee and Kim can try to destroy us but the won't win. And I want them to go with me." Jiyong said looking at his four cousins in front of him.


"I don't want. You try to kill me a few minutes ago. You think I still want to help you? Dream on, you spoil brat." Seunghyun huffed then left.


"I don't want too. I don't want to work to someone that has a temper problem." Youngbae said.


"Me too. I might end up dead." Daesung said.


"Me also. I don't want a bullet planted in my body." Seungri said and they all left living Jiyong and his father.


"What now?" His father raised his eyebrow at him.


"Go, I don't care if all of you don't want to help me. I can do it myself." He screamed and kick the wall. His father just chuckled and left his furious son. Mr. Kwon sigh sadly. If you are alive Dara please come, you know where to find us. You're the only one who can bring back the joy in my son. I can't believe that you turn his life up side down just after a few hours meeting you. I hope he was right that you are just out there because I don't know if I can bring my son back if you're really dead." Mr. Kwon thought sadly.




His cousins went out that night while Jiyong stay at the gym and spar with some of their members until he's almost dragging himself back inside his room. Every night since the incident ten years ago, he always tired himself or drunk until he  passed out so that he can sleep or he drink a sleeping pills because if he didn't he'll wake up every hour hearing her voice.


As soon as he step inside his room he take a bath and throw his body above his bed and faĺl a sleep, but an hour after he was awaken by her voice calling him and his tears quickly rolled down his face. He stepped out of his room and went to the mini bar where all the wine was keep. He took one bottle and brought it inside his room and drunk it until it was empty and him passed  out above his bed.


"Jiyong,  wake up. How can you find her if you are just going to sleep the whole day. I thought you wanted to search for her?" Top said shaking his shoulder.


"Go away."  He muttered and rolled away from him.


"We are already ready but you are still sleeping there? Okay fine. I change my mind I...


"Give me ten minutes." He said standing up from his bed but he almost fell down still a bit drunk.


"You still drunk? What time did you sleep?" Seunghyun asked voice laced with concern. 


"Five. I will be fine after I take bath. I just can't sleep, because I heard her voice again." He said walking toward the bathroom. Top slumped at the edge of the bed and look at the close door sadly.


"I think Sandara Park is really very beautiful for Jiyong to fall for her hard, but he only see her eyes and hair, and she only eight years old back then, sigh. I don't know maybe the girl is especial that's why Jiyong was crazy over her." Seunghyun thought.


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