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I keep coming back in my conscious and unconscious  state and I heard some noises, and voices when I was conscious, and her I am again. I can heard everything around me but I can't move. I hear the door open and I heard three sets of feet step inside. 


"I just wait you both at living room." I hear Bom voice.


"Okay, Bom." I smile inside when I hear the voice of my brother, and the next thing I hear is the closing of the door. I heard them move near me and then I felt they both grab my hand.


"Get well soon sis, don't worry us like this." I hear Jaejoong said. I know that they care so much for me, I can feel and see it. Knowing them for ten years, I got a two loving brother that I never had, and fill the hole in my heart with their love, and care after I lost my parents. 


"Every night they will stay with me, and tried to comfort me when I cried. They would carry me in their back and hummed a song, or they will keep patting my head and back until I fall a sleep. They will cradle me on their lap and soothingly rub my back with my face buried in their chest sobbing, and they always tuck me in my bed like I'm a baby. I feel so love when I'm with them. They are the best brother I ever had.


"Sorry its all our fault." Donghae whispered that snap me from my train of thought. I frowned inside. How can it be their fault. They are not the one who shot me a bullet."Its all our fault why you are hurt." He said again and his voice crack a little.


"Stop Donghae. What if she can hear you?" Jaejoong whispered.


"They said she's unconscious. It only mean that she can't hear us."


"But what if..


"If she's awake she already open her eyes." Donghae reasoned out, then squeezed my hand. I heard Jaejoong sigh and I felt the bed on my right deepened.


"Yes, sis its all our fault why you are hurt. We are hiding a big secret to you, but everything will be alright soon. After the Kwon gone." I gasped inside. "We will go far away, away from our father, away from everyone who knows us. Let go to a place where no one knows about the four clan, and live a peaceful life."  I mentally gritted my teeth,  they are part of the clan.


"We are just doing this for you. We wanted to stop a long time ago, since the day we found you, but our father  threatened us that he will hurt you if we don't follow there order." Donghae said.


"Mr. Kwon, and his son Jiyong, they seems kind and I can see and felt that Mr. Kwon love his son not like us. We are just a puppet of our father. Dara we don't want to do this, but this is the only way for your safety, for our father to let us go. You mean a lot to us Dara. Eventhough we are not blood related. You are the only person that was important to me right now, and if killing the Kwon can guarantee your safety, I won't hesitate to do it." Jaejoong said sadly.


"Mee too." Donghae said.


"Dara, We can't tell you our real identity when you are awake because we are scared that you'll hate us, that you'll be scared to us, that you will leave from our side, that's why we are telling you now while you can't hear us. I am Kim Jaejoong, the descendant of the Kim clan a.k.a Phoenix, and Donghae is the descendant of Lee a.k.a snake." 


I wanted to screamed after hearing that. All this time  I've been near with the people that I've been looking for. I forced myself to moved but I can't. Jiyong is in danger as will as uncle I need to warn them but how? And my loving brother, they are the enemy, my enemy who took my parents life. Wh

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