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After an hour inside the infirmary room, my father dragged me out of it and asked me to bath, so that Doctor Lee can tend my wound.  After that my he forced me to rest, but I can't. My mind and heart won't be at eased until Sandy open her eyes. I don't know why I felt like this toward her. Maybe of my conscience or maybe  I felt guilty because she was on the bed inside the infirmary because of us. Maybe one of it is the answer.


I sigh, its already three in the morning but my eyes still wide awake, even though my body felt like the brick weigh on it, tiredness can't make me fall a sleep, cause by my mind with so many thought running inside. 


A door bell rang and I quickly bolted up from my bed and rushed outside. The other was already there with their gun. 


"Sir, can you just leave the gun? Its only Sandy sister and friend. She already informed me about their arrival." Doctor Lee said.


"Just being careful Doctor Lee. What if it wasn't them? Better that we are prepared." Doctor Lee don't have other choice but to ignored the armed men behind her, and moved at the front door. Slowly she open it and four girls stood in front of us, all wearing fitted black jeans and a black leather jacket. 


"Doctor Lee. Mr. Kwon." The girl with a dark brown hair greeted, and the other just bowed their head. Wow! They are all beautiful, but their face void with emotion and their eyes look alert as if they are expecting someone to attack them.


"Sir. This is Bom Sandy sister, and this is Minzy, Chaerin, and Hyorin Sandy friends. Guys, I know you already know Mr. Kwon. This is his son Jiyong, and his cousins, Seungri, Daesung, Youngbae and Seunghyun." Doctor Lee introduce us all.


"Thank you for taking care of my sister Mr. Kwon." Bom said.


"We are the one who should say that. She save our lives. We don't know that she has a skills in fighting. Come inside." My father said and lead them at the leaving room, but the four girls eyes keep glancing at me, and I wondered why. I followed them at the living room just observing them, and they really keep glancing at me.


"Sandy she really good in handling a gun and a dagger. I'm sure you guys know that." My father started as soon as we all settled down. I saw Bom shifted on her seat, I can guess that she felt uncomfortable about the topic.


"Yes, she know. Its for self defense." Bom answered.


"Its not just for self defense. She killed someone with out any remorse in her eyes. It seems like she was used to it." My father continue.


"Mr. Kwon, it is better that some secret shouldn't be known, I can't tell you what I know, only my sister has the right. If she wanted to tell you everything when she wake up then so be it, but I promise you that we won't harm any Kwon. Sooner or later I know that you'll find out who we are, but right now just let it be. We have our own reason why we don't want to exposed who Sandy is. We are just protecting her." My father straighten at his seat and nodded his head.


"Can I see her?" Bom asked.


"Come I'll accompany you and your friend." I offered, and  made my way at the second floor where the infirmary is. I wanted to asked them why they keep stealing glances at me. They look creepy doing that.


They followed behind me and I can still feel their eyes behind me.


"Why you're keep stealing glances at me?" I asked as soon as we reach at the door of the infirmary. I turn around and face them, but there eyes was everywhere but me,  avoiding my stares.



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