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"She is not my friend. She is more than just a friend because she is my wife." My breath left me for a few second. I am his wife. That's only mean the marriage is real. I smile inside. That confirmation warmth my heart. Jiyong is my husband. I mentally jump in happiness, I badly wanted to screamed in joy but held myself.


"Your wife? But why I haven't see her? What is her name young master is she pretty? I'm sure she is." I asked with a grinned plastered on my lips.


"Why you look so happy?" He asked chuckling. "By the way her name is Sandara. She has a very beautiful name right? Just like her." I nodded my head felt giddy by the complement from him that was meant for me.


"Actually it was....but he was cut off by a blaring sound that echoed the whole mansion.


"What happened. What that's noise?" I asked. 


"Its an alarm." He answered standing up then rushed to one of the drawer and pulled out a gun. 


"Young master what is happening?" I asked in panic.


"Jiyong!! The four guys that was with him at the club burst inside the room. "We are under attack. There's a lot of them. I balled my fist when gun shot started to echoed inside the mansion.


"Uncle said you need to leave." A guy with Mohawk hair said.


"I won't leave dad here." Jiyong protested. 


"We need to leave Ji. Your father firmly told us. You are not still fully recovered, and not fit to fight.


"I can't leave him here. I won't do it again, like what I did to Dara." He protested and rush to the door but I quickly grab his wrist stopping him.


"What do you think you are doing. You need to leave to save your life. Go Sandy."


"No, you leave with me together with them." I snatch my bag on top of his bed and dragged him out of his room.


"Let go of me." He screamed. 


"Don't worry will get your father. Where is Mr. Kwon?" I asked the four guys that was behind us who just look at me.


"He's at the living room when we left him." The guy that has a panda eyes answered.  I rushed at the stairs tightly holding  Jiyong wrist. I have no plan of letting him go just like ten years ago. I will stick by his side no matter what happened. 


"Hide!!! I screamed when I saw a man fired at our way. 


"You go ahead Ji. We cover you." A tall guy that was the tallest among them said. "Find your father."


"Sandy, you stay with them. Its dangerous for you." Jiyong said and pulled his wrist away from me but I don't let go, instead I dragged him with me and rushed downstairs.


"Sandy, you'll end up dead if you continue this." He scolded me, as I continue to run dragging him with me. We hide at one of the post when a group of five men came on our way. I open my bag and pulled the two dagger that I always brought with me and held it on my both hand. I looked at Jiy

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